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Following the demands of clients in the pursuit of reducing CO2 in transport, a member of the Milšped Group, MBOX Terminals, started a completely new intermodal connection of Serbia, Nis - Ljubljana, which enables clients to transport and access goods to the Western European market, as well as the most economical transport from/to the port of Koper.

From now on, transport from Niš to Ljubljana will be improved and facilitated thanks to a new efficient, economical and ecologically sustainable transport system. The first 45HCPW containers from the Milšped fleet arrived from the Western Europe terminal by train to the MBOX terminal in Niš using the new Ljubljana - Niš railway service. Two strong railway lines enable the continuation of transport from Ljubljana to several key destinations such as Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Austria. This transport system creates a connection between the MBOX intermodal terminal and the mentioned European countries, opening unlimited possibilities for efficient and fast transportation of goods.

In addition, the Slovenia Ljubljana-Serbia Niš MBOX line is another significant step towards the complete integration of Serbia into the global transport network. This line establishes a connection between Niš and the port of Koper, one of the largest ports in the area.

The new transport system lays the foundations for more efficient and sustainable logistics, with significantly lower costs, creating potential for the Port of Koper, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Western Bulgaria.

By the end of the year, our fleet will have over 100 - 45HCPW containers, which will significantly increase the participation in intermodal transport of the region and contribute to the aspiration of the entire community to reduce CO2 and preserve the environment.

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