The presence of Milšped Group at the “Customs at a Click” panel

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Branko Todorović, director of the customs sector at Milšped Group, participated in the panel organized by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce titled “Customs at a Click,“ marking the initiation of the eCustoms project. This project, supported by the EU, aims to modernize and automate customs procedures in line with European standards, facilitating faster processing of information and documents, and reducing waiting times and business costs.

“With the automation of export and import customs clearance, there will be no detention as it is currently done. This means there will be no waiting, not only at the border but also at the departure and destination customs offices. The result will be a much faster shipment and delivery of goods, impacting the entire logistics line, providing numerous benefits in logistics, economy, and production,“ stated Branko Todorović to RTS after the panel.

In addition to our internal implementation of a new operational information system, automation of sales administration processes, and management of warehouse processes, the new eCustoms project will undoubtedly enhance the effectiveness and traceability of processes within all Milšped Group member companies.

These initiatives collectively represent a significant step forward in making Milšped Group's business more efficient, modern, and competitive on a global scale.

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