Students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering visited the robotic warehouse in Krnješevci

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The Milšped company pays great attention to the development of the potential of its employees, as well as to monitoring and assisting the process of education of young people in Serbia and the region.

That is why we were very pleased with the recent visit of students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Our future colleagues had the opportunity to see the application of modern technologies and innovations in the management of warehouse processes in a real business environment.

The students were welcomed and introduced to our company by representatives of the Management Team of Milšped Group. The presentation of our state-of-the-art robotic warehouse in Krnješevci was held by our colleague Ivan Živković, Manager for Process Development of the Warehouse Sector. Together with the managers of the storage process, he presented the students with the advantages of robotic technology in the management of storage processes, such as increased productivity and speed in the realization of client requests, reduced labor costs, storage of up to three times more goods in the same space, 24/7 logistic support and more many others. The future has already begun, knowledge is the fastest way to reach it.

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