Nebojša Krivokuća Milšped Group CEO participated in the 9th CFO Forum

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The ninth CFO Congress brought together leaders from the finance sector, addressing key topics such as the importance of modern market forecasting, the evolution of the CFO's role, and risk management. It also provided answers to the challenges of connecting financial processes with sales and operations.

Milšped Group CEO Nebojša Krivokuća, participated in a panel titled “How to Ensure Cash Flow in Times of Inflation and What Does the CEO Expect from the CFO?“ He discussed improvements in production processes, changes in the banking market, and new skills that will shape the future of finance, reflecting on the application of these challenges in the context of the logistics industry.

Being part of such an event is of great importance as it provides deep insights into key challenges and opportunities for connecting with industry experts, as well as sharing experiences in adapting financial strategies to rapid market changes.

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