Milšped oversized transport

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If you need to transport goods with dimensions and weight that exceed the standard, you should contact Milšped because we can provide expert support for the transport itself and obtain all the necessary permits so the whole process goes smoothly and according to plan.


We have had this service in our wide palette of services for many years, and as of now we also have new semi-trailers which provide even greater opportunities and a top-quality service.


Our oversized transport sector will come up with the most favorable solution, even for the most demanding clients. We will transport large dimensions safely, reliably and with high level of quality to Serbia from any part of Europe, and we also do transports from Serbia to Europe.


The Milšped team can also organize the transport of the most demanding oversized cargo, for which, in addition to oversized permits, expertise (expert opinions) as well as technical and police escortsare required..


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