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Milšped Group, which has evolved from a freight forwarding company into a leader in the logistics and transport industry, has been successfully providing a wide range of integrated services across three continents in 14 countries for 30 years. As the company celebrates its three-decade milestone, it is distinguished by its global presence, an impressive level of expertise, and a commitment to a high reputation. Operating on an annual basis, it generates a revenue of 540 million euros while providing comprehensive logistics services.

Through cutting-edge work methods, continuous growth, investments, and sustainable operations, Milšped Group has now grown to employ 3,500 individuals. ”We take great pride in all that we have achieved so far, and we are recognized for our unique approach and way of working. We can proudly say that Milšped is now an example of a successful business, and this achievement is owed to the exceptional atmosphere and sense of belonging among our employees - the most crucial element of our success. People are, after all, the most valuable resource of our company, and that's why we strive to continually invest in their development, which is why we have launched the M BASE Learning Center, unique in this part of Europe”, The statement was made by the CEO of Milšped Group, Nebojša Krivokuća.

Within the Milšped Group, there are several member companies that have quickly gained recognition in the market. MBOX Terminals manages the most modern intermodal terminal in this part of Europe, the only one in the region connecting Serbia to the world. Another member company, M-One, offers an integrated logistics service tailored to e-commerce, uniquely covering the Western Balkans. Recognizing the significance of automotive logistics, the group has established a collaboration with the largest global car manufacturers through its member company AML, which specializes in transporting the latest generation of vehicles between factories, warehouses, and European ports. AML possesses 180 specialized railcars for this purpose. Furthermore, the importance of air traffic in transportation has experienced exponential growth in recent years, leading to the opening of the first Serbian cargo airline, Milšped Sky Cargo, aimed at providing cargo transportation services by air for all types of goods.

As the company enters its fourth decade of operation, it will continue to make investments in the years ahead. These investments will encompass sustainability, digitalization, infrastructure capacity, as well as the ongoing development and training of its employees. For this reason, the company anticipates continuous expansion of warehouse capacities and greater adoption of the concept of 'greening' logistics through the implementation of solar panels and the strengthening of railway transportation. Like all major global companies, Milšped will strive to establish the highest service quality standards, positioning itself as a regional leader and a pioneer in modern logistics and transport.

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