Milšped Albania is celebrating 10 years of successful business!

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Milšped Albania, a member of the Milšped Group, provides logistics services customized to meet clients' specific requirements while maintaining the highest business standards. With a 2023 revenue of almost 14 million euros, we affirm our position as Albania's leading logistics company.

At Milšped Albania, we offer various services, such as international and national road transport, customs brokerage, sea transport, air transport, rail transport, contract logistics.

Milšped Albania is the country's sole provider of 3PL services, offering customizable and scalable warehousing and transportation services tailored to meet clients' unique needs, considering market conditions and product delivery requirements.

We are grateful for the dedication of our current 100 employees who have contributed to achieving such high results for Milšped Albania. We look forward to future projects and achievements.

Anything you need, we are here to help