Milšped company improved the educational M Base Learning Center

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Milšped company improved the educational M Base Learning Center

Continually supporting our employees is one of the Milšped Group’s key values.

Every successful team is made up of satisfied individuals led by those who listen to their needs, motivate them and encourage them to achieve exceptional results through their own efforts.

With that goal in mind, we have improved our M Base Learning Center which is a unique educational center which aims to further refine the knowledge and skills of our leaders in all sorts of areas, with help from the most eminent experts and lecturers.

The topic of the first program is the overall concept of leadership based on emotional intelligence. “Transformational leadership and emotional intelligence” deals with issues such as: why it is important for a leader to understand and develop himself/herself, understand the needs of his/her associates, to inspire the team and respond creatively to market changes.

The goal of this program is to influence the advancement of skills, better understanding of one’s own qualities and support the development of the Milšped company.

We are looking forward to new training sessions and development and let’s support our employees and work on their continuous improvement.

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