Workshops held as part of the “Internal Trainers“ program at M BASE Learning Center

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As part of the “Internal Trainers“ program within the M BASE Learning Center, workshops were conducted by Jasmina Kaluđerović, Sales Manager, Milica Karoljev, Senior Sales Representative, and Stefan Perić, Distribution Manager of M One company.

Through an interactive approach during the workshops, employees in Milšped's operations department gained valuable insights into the negotiation process, sales process flows, and experienced being both a customer and a salesperson.

Stefan Perić, who presented the work of M One, successfully showcased the company's plans and vision, while explaining the specifics and prospects of future e-commerce platform development.

These workshops provided employees at Milšped with valuable knowledge and skills to enhance sales performance and improve customer interactions, with the belief that by fostering internal expertise and sharing experiences, the company can achieve success.

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