Interview of Nenad Zdravković, member of NO Milšped Group for Ecomm Serbia

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Nenad Zdravković, a member of the Supervisory Board of Milšped Group, gave an interview for the eCommerce Association of Serbia. Below you can find more information regarding online shopping. Complete interview is available on the website of the Association, link

How is your company responding to the growing demand for online commerce and how are you adapting to changes in this sector?

In the past two decades, Ecommerce has made a real small revolution in the approach to the exchange of goods and services and redefined the very meaning of the word trade, as an economic process that takes place with the physical presence of two or more parties involved in it. For this reason, all large companies, which, without false modesty, includes us, in order to maintain the status of a relevant market actor, must respond strategically to the emerging challenge. Through the establishment of the M-ONE company, which began operations in 2021 with the aim of providing services that are classified as courier activities, we also entered the waters of e-comm logistics, initially by providing B2B services through the concept of delivery today for tomorrow in multiple time intervals , and after that B2C service. With the start of operation of our robotic warehouse in Krnješevci, thanks to which it is possible to sort goods more efficiently and start delivery from point a to point b in a shorter time, we have created a well-organized interface with subcontractors and clients, who integrate only with us as an e-comm platform on which have everything in one place.

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