First robotic logistics solution for e-commerce

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Milšped Group, within its warehouse capacities, continues to implement artificial intelligence through a new system of advanced robots used for more efficient organization, delivery, and storage of goods, enabling the first all-encompassing logistics platform suitable for wholesale, retail, and particularly for e-commerce operations.

Responding to the needs of a dynamic market and clients increasingly demanding fast product delivery, Milšped Group continues its robotic implementation. Alongside the implemented robotic system for storage and order picking at the beginning of last year, it now launches a system for intelligent sorting of goods, with over 100 autonomous robots, capable of delivering 45,000 units of goods daily. This not only enables intelligent inventory management but also intelligent preparation of goods necessary for the final sale through all distribution channels.

These flexible, intelligent solutions are implemented within a warehouse representing a regional distribution center, applicable to various product portfolios and comprehensive market supply through all distribution channels. Coupled with customs brokerage and clearance services, they form an integrated logistics platform tailored for e-commerce, offered through its subsidiary, M-One. Practically, this means that products utilizing the robotic technology or integrated services offered by this logistics platform can be delivered to customers on the same day.

“At Milšped, we believe that warehouse robotization is the key solution for contemporary challenges in the logistics industry. Our strategy of fast and efficient supply through all distribution channels not only makes us a market leader but also ensures the satisfaction of our clients, who are always our top priority,“ said Milan Matić, Board Member and Executive Director of Warehouse Operations at Milšped Group.

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