Milšped Group at the Fair of Green Ideas and Projects

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As part of the “Just green transition and decarbonization in Serbia“ project, in cooperation with UNDP, the Ministry of Mining and Energy and the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and supported by the Government of Japan, the Milšped company participated in the Fair of Green Ideas and Projects, organized on the occasion World Environment Day.

Since we are located in a region that is extremely sensitive to climate change, which at the same time requires the widest possible use of renewable energy sources, this year the Milšped company started a project to build a solar power plant on the roofs of its warehouses.

“As part of the requirements of the sustainable development policy, the company Milšped realizes its contribution through the concept of green logistics, which efficiently performs tasks without polluting the environment. Therefore, we are one of the pioneers when it comes to the application of the “greening“ of logistics, which is achieved through the construction of solar power plants on the roofs of warehouses. With solar panels with a power of 600KW, the forecasted annual savings will amount to 34 percent, while greenhouse gas emissions will be less by 775 tons of CO2 on an annual level,“ , said Velizar Perunović, sales director of the Milšped Group, regarding the company's participation in this event.

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