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Through its business operations and innovative technologies, Milšped is committed to continuous environmental protection as one of its key values, and in the year in which we celebrate 30 years of successful business we are even more motivated to direct our efforts towards all segments of sustainable operation.

In the last year alone, Milšped has carried out a number of projects directed towards environmental protection: an intermodal terminal in Niš, which contributes to better utilization of rail transport, a solar power plant at warehouses at the logistics center in Krnješevci, and the introduction of hi-tech automation solutions at warehouses which optimize resource utilization!

It is our great pleasure to announce our cooperation with #PwC, with whose support our internal team will work on implementing the ESG (Environmental Social Governance) strategy, with the aim ofbringing improvements, through continued advancement, in the fields of environmental protection, social issues and corporate governance in all business processes, and harmonizing these activities with the high standards of our partners. Our efforts are particularly directed at reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Milšped viewsharmonization of the ESG strategy as a sustainable business strategy with the aim of determining and implementing the expected ethical and environmental standards in our value chains.

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