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Milšped is expanding its storage capacity - another 45,000m2 is planned!

In an interview with Bloomberg Adria, Velizar Perunović, Milšped's sales director, spoke about the importance of good relations with the EU from the economic aspect and pointed out that Europe is a “natural market“ for business in Serbia, where our largest foreign trade partners are located..

Perunović stated that the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way many companies do business, with more and more companies seeking to source their raw materials locally, which is an exceptional opportunity for Serbia.

In response to this need, Milšped is expanding its storage capacity, so that in addition to the current 500,000 m2 of storage space available to our clients, the plan is to build an additional 30,000 m2 in the vicinity of Belgrade and another 15,000 m2 in Niš.

Watch the full interview:

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