MBOX Intermodal Terminal Celebrates Its First Anniversary

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Today, in Popovac, a new industrial zone near Niš, the first anniversary of the MBOX Intermodal Terminal was celebrated at a grand ceremony attended by representatives of the Milšped Group and over 100 clients. This event marked the successful management of the MBOX company's state-of-the-art terminal, the most advanced of its kind in Serbia and the region, for its first year.

Intermodal terminals are becoming increasingly prevalent in the logistics industry and are considered a key factor in the further development of logistics networks, as they efficiently combine various modes of transportation for goods in an economical and environmentally sustainable way.

“Today, we celebrate the first year of successful operation of the MBOX Intermodal Terminal with our friends and business partners, and we are extremely proud and grateful to have such a strong support from the logistics industry of entire region. With this support we managed to handle over 120 container trains and perform more than 16,000 transshipments, in our first year, without significant challenges. We are also in the process of obtaining permits for handling containers with hazardous goods according to RID and ADR standards, acquisition of on a new reachstacker, while next year, we anticipate expanding the center with two large halls, each covering an area of 15,000 square meters,“ stated Dejan Nikolić, the executive director of MBOX.

When the MBOX terminal was inaugurated last year, Milšped envisioned building a rail-road intermodal terminal in the new industrial zone in Popovac, following the latest European standards. This logistical center has the capacity to serve the entire catchment area, handling approximately 50,000 TEUs annually.

Thanks to its ideal location along the corridor 10, a major logistics junction between the east and the west, the MBOX terminal has an excellent macro location. It is also in close proximity to significant ports throughout the surrounding area, allowing all MBOX Terminal clients to conduct business via Greek, Turkish, Slovenian, and Croatian ports and terminals.

This guarantees a high level of container transport efficiency, supported by the fact that the terminal is situated right next to the Niš Marshalling Yard, the second-largest in Serbia. This advantageous positioning allows for easy accommodation of trains and ensures swift access to the MBOX transshipment track, resulting in valuable time and resource savings.

With a storage capacity of over 2,700 containers and dedicated parking for trucks and cars, the official customs terminal boasts modern access control systems, a large number of surveillance cameras, and 24/7 physical security presence. Safety is further enhanced through the NAVIS Terminal Operating System (TOS), which provides real-time tracking of each container's location. Moreover, terminal users such as shipping companies or freight forwarders can receive real-time updates on the position and movement of their containers through EDI connections.

Whether it's a tank container, a swap body container, or an intermodal semi-trailer, the MBOX terminal ensures swift truck-to-rail and rail-to-truck transshipment. The process is carried out using modern reach stacker machinery, and after completion, the sender can check the status of their container through the E-business application. Recently, the terminal has also been in the process of obtaining permits for handling and storing containers with hazardous goods, adhering to RID and ADR regulations.

Furthermore, attendees at the first anniversary celebration of the MBOX Intermodal Terminal were introduced to future plans for expanding business activities, including the introduction of new rail services and the construction of warehouse spaces. This will establish the terminal as one of the largest in the region, offering new efficient logistics solutions for the benefit of clients.

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