Milsped marks excellent beginning in Albania

  • May 7, 2014

The first month of operative business in the company Milsped Albania completed without major problems in excellent order as a result of clear plan and established procedures conducted by employees in Milpsed Albania and by supporting teams upon opening Milsped’s companies in the region. All localities implement the same system and software solutions as a standard and complete logistics service will be offered soon. In the second half of 2014 Milsped shall commence operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well, thereby locking the regional coverage of the market.  

Moreover, Milsped Albania is a Joint Venture company of Milsped Group and Balfin Group, established in order to achieve joint presence on the Albanian market in the domain of logistics services. With its first client CBM Albania – a part of Greek Marinopoulos SA, exclusive franchise of French Carrefour for Balkans region, multiannual contract has been signed and is being realized. 

Cutting-edge warehouse space of Milsped Albania is situated next to the highway Tirana- Drac and covers an area of 4,800 m². A part of the warehouse is in various temperature regimes ranging from -20 to +6 °C. Goods distribution is completed by state of the art means of transport.