17. JUL 2024.

Milšped Group at Serbia-Egypt Business Forum

Milšped Group have attended the ”Serbia-Egypt Business Forum,” held last weekend in Cairo, marking the signing of the Free Trade Agreement.

As the second-largest economy in the Arab world, with its strategic location and dynamic economy, Egypt offers numerous opportunities for business cooperation.

The visit by Milšped Group to Cairo was extremely productive, allowing us to better understand the market opportunities and establish important business contacts in the Egyptian market.

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09. JUL 2024.

Milšped Group and Olympic Committee of Serbia presented accreditations to the media

A Ceremonial event was held at the Olympic House to award accreditations to media representatives who will report from the Olympic Games in Paris.

Sports symbolize the values we uphold in our society – sportsmanship, dedication, and humanity, as highlighted by our Deputy General Director Nikola Todorović. At Milšped, we cherish this spirit, which is why our long-term cooperation with the Olympic Committee of Serbia holds special significance. It represents a long-term investment in the development of sports at the national level, providing inspiration to future generations of athletes.

The attendees were also addressed by the President of the Olympic Committee of Serbia, Božidar Maljković, who emphasized the role media play in supporting our Olympians and noted that these are the third consecutive Olympic Games supported by Milšped Group.

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05. JUL 2024.

InStore Interview with Nikola Todorović

Nikola Todorović, who has been with our company since its early days nearly two decades ago, assumed the position of Deputy General Director of our group on June 1. Despite his long tenure, he remains as enthusiastic as ever, believing that the company has many more successes and “conquests“ ahead.

In an interview with InStore magazine, Todorović shared insights on how both he and the company have grown together. He discussed the key moves that contributed to his success and emphasized the importance of a family-like atmosphere among employees and a partnership approach with clients for the company's development.

To read the full interview, visit the link

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12. JUN 2024.

Relocation to a New Business Space in New Belgrade

The Milšped group celebrated moving to their new offices at B23 Office Park in New Belgrade. On this occasion, more than 600 colleagues working at the new location gathered and celebrated this significant step in the group's operations.

The event was concluded with a group photo in front of the new building, that is a symbol of dedication and team spirit of the employees who have brought Milšped to this success. The relocation to the new, modern business space provides a great advantage for employees and offers an opportunity for further development and improvement of business processes.

We look forward to new challenges and shared achievements that await us in the new business space, as well as future events at our other locations.

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11. JUN 2024.

Milšped Group at the Panel marking the Gender Equality Day

In the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, our partner AFA – All For All organized an exclusive event “Empowering Women for Sustainable Solutions,“ attended by Jelena Živanović, the regional director of the group.

At the panel held on the National Gender Equality Day, our colleague had the opportunity to learn more about the results of the recently conducted first survey of employees in private companies regarding gender equality in Serbia, which was supported and participated in by Milšped Group.

We congratulate our partners from AFA – All For All on the well-organized event and continue to support and encourage the empowerment of women together.

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06. JUNE 2024.

Milšped Group na Supply Chain Summit-u

The “Supply Chain Summit“ conference organized by InStore Serbia has, for the third consecutive year, gathered the top experts in the field of logistics – from manufacturers and distributors to retail chains, giving them the opportunity to exchange their experiences on business practice trends.

In line with a business policy that meets the highest needs of our clients, we continually invest in business development and the expansion of infrastructural capacities.

One of our projects is the implementation of robotic technology in our logistics centers, which was discussed by Velizar Perunović. He revealed what the application of artificial intelligence in warehouse operations looks like and how it positively affects not only business results but also environmental protection.

Our company employs a large number of excellent experts who share a vision of a green future and find innovative ways to combine business success with sustainable operations, ensuring top-notch service for our clients.

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22. MAY 2024.

Nebojša Krivokuća Milšped Group CEO participated in the 9th CFO Forum

The ninth CFO Congress brought together leaders from the finance sector, addressing key topics such as the importance of modern market forecasting, the evolution of the CFO's role, and risk management. It also provided answers to the challenges of connecting financial processes with sales and operations.

Milšped Group CEO Nebojša Krivokuća, participated in a panel titled “How to Ensure Cash Flow in Times of Inflation and What Does the CEO Expect from the CFO?“ He discussed improvements in production processes, changes in the banking market, and new skills that will shape the future of finance, reflecting on the application of these challenges in the context of the logistics industry.

Being part of such an event is of great importance as it provides deep insights into key challenges and opportunities for connecting with industry experts, as well as sharing experiences in adapting financial strategies to rapid market changes.

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20. MAY 2024.

Milšped Group at LOGIC 2024 Conference

Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering at the University of Belgrade hosted the international logistics conference LOGIC 2024.

Miloš Mihailović, Director of Marine Transport at Milšped Group, had the honor of opening the conference, welcoming all attendees on behalf of our company, and briefly presenting the latest developments within Milšped.

At the first panel, titled “Challenges and Trends in Logistics and Supply Chain,” our colleague Marko Ivković, Director of the Milk and Dairy Products Logistics Department at Milšped Group, participated as a speaker.

Nikola Čolić, Warehouse Manager, delivered a lecture on “The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Logistics and Its Effects on the Supply Chain,” highlighting the advantages and experiences of working with the first robotic warehouse in Serbia.

A special segment of the conference was dedicated to students, allowing our HR colleagues to meet and engage with students interested in our internship and scholarship programs. Additionally, they prepared an exciting prize for the winner of the case study competition titled “Optimization of the Distribution Network Using Route Diagrams.”

We extend our gratitude to the organizers for an excellently managed conference. It was a true pleasure to exchange experiences with industry colleagues and inspire potential future team members.

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15. MAY 2024.

Milšped Group at the Southeast Europe Freight Forwarders Association Congress

At the Southeast Europe Freight Forwarders Association (SEEFF) Congress held late last week, our colleague Dušan Bešić participated. During the excellent panel “Digitalization and Robotics,“ Dušan shared his valuable experience in implementing artificial intelligence in warehouse processes, alongside top experts in the field.

This year's SEEFF Congress topics included global trends and future predictions for logistics, covering infrastructure projects such as railways, ports, and logistics hubs, as well as the development of intermodal transport in Europe. Discussions also focused on the importance of sustainability in transport, digitalization, robotics, and new work models in logistics and freight forwarding companies.

Dušan presented our vision of identifying and meeting market needs, and how Milšped has responded to client demands through the implementation of artificial intelligence, leading to the creation of the first robotic warehouse in Serbia.

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14. MAY 2024.

Interview with Jelena Đuričić, Group CFO, for BIZLife

Jelena Đuričić, Group CFO, spoke to BIZLife about the specifics of financial processes in logistics, addressing significant questions in this field. How do we maintain financial stability and success despite all the market challenges? How does Milšped manage risks in logistics operations?

“The synergy between finance and logistics not only supports operational processes but is also a key factor in strategic business management, ensuring the company's long-term success in an increasingly challenging logistics world,“ emphasized Jelena.

Click for more: https://bizlife.rs/milsped-group-sinergija-finansija-i-logistike/

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10. MAY 2024.

Successful performance at the Adria Summit

At the Adria Summit 2024 conference, Nenad Zdravković, a member of the Supervisory Board of Milšped Group, participated in the panel 'The AI-Driven Supply Chain: Optimizing Inventory Management and Logistics.'

This panel covered topics in inventory optimization, route planning, and methods for demand forecasting, revealing how AI can enhance shipping and delivery processes, increase customer satisfaction, and stimulate e-commerce growth.

Nenad particularly highlighted the benefits of robotics, describing it as a crucial solution for simplifying complex processes in logistics.

Robotics not only increases efficiency and accuracy in operations but also contributes to the stability of business in a dynamic market environment.

Through the implementation of robotic systems, Milšped Group has achieved numerous benefits, including reduced operational costs, improved delivery accuracy, faster order processing times, all of which contribute to an exceptional level of service for our clients, as well as increased business scalability.

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26. APRIL 2024.

Milšped Group took part in the Regional Supply Chain Forum

At the Regional Supply Chain Forum, held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Belgrade, Nenad Zdravković, a member of the Supervisory Board of the Milšped Group, had the opportunity to participate in a panel on the topic “Risk Management and Exploiting Opportunities in the Supply Chain.“

The significance of a systematic approach in supply chain management, how to adapt to market changes, the importance of prevention in risk management, and the importance of training and educating employees were just some of the questions raised in this discussion, which were addressed by eminent experts.

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17. APRIL 2024.

Milšped Group Signs Contract with Prestigious Chinese Company

Representatives of our company today signed a cooperation agreement with the prestigious Chinese company Shijiazhuang International Land Port, marking the arrival of the first freight train directly from China to Serbia with a ceremonial event and the presence of high officials from the Hebei province of China and the Chinese Ambassador to Serbia, Li Ming.

Through this collaboration, a direct railway transport line between the Hebei province of China and Serbia has been established, meaning that instead of the previous route through Europe, freight trains will now enable faster and more efficient transportation of goods between these two regions via a direct line.

“Intermodal transport and railways are crucial in our strategy for economic efficiency and reducing environmental impact. Through this innovative approach, we continue to set standards in the logistics industry, enabling faster, more reliable, and environmentally friendly transportation of goods between China and Serbia,” stated Nebojša Krivokuća, CEO of Milšped Group.

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15. APRIL 2024.

The final phase of the construction of the new logistics center

The final phase of construction is underway for the newest Milšped logistics center. This modern warehouse will be covering an impressive area of approximately 30,000 m2, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and automated warehouse systems. Additionally, a new office space will soon be opened within the logistics center.

The new logistics center will be characterized not only by top-notch infrastructure but also by high operational efficiency thanks to the application of robotic technology in warehouse management processes, as well as modern office space for employees.

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11. APRIL 2024.

Special Award for Business Innovation

The company representatives had the honor of attending the prestigious award ceremony hosted by Diplomacy&Commerce magazine. On that occasion, Milšped Group was presented with a special award for business innovation. This year's jury recognized Milšped's pioneering robotic logistics solution, suitable for e-commerce, as an innovation to highlight.

The advanced robot system enables more efficient organization, delivery, and storage of goods, as well as cost reduction and the elimination of error space. The use of this system represents the first comprehensive robotic logistics platform for e-commerce operations based on artificial intelligence technology.

We are extremely pleased that Milšped's dedication to innovation has been recognized by the jury, and we are honored to receive this award.

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05. APRIL 2024.

Milšped Group at Banja Luka EXPO

This year, Milšped Group was part of Banja Luka EXPO, representing the delegation of the Republic of Serbia at the stand of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia.

The International Trade Fair brought together significant institutions, organizations, and agencies, offering an exceptional exhibition program, roundtable discussions, and presentations to explore the most relevant topics in the industry.

This event presented another opportunity for Milšped Group to connect with partners, exchange ideas and experiences, strengthening its presence and influence at the regional level.

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29. MARCH 2024.

Successful Presentation at the Largest Logistics Congress in the Region

During the second day of the Congress organized by SLA - Slovenian Logistic Association, in Portorož, Milšped Group's board member Nenad Zdravković delivered a lecture on the topic “Region Entry via One Channel - Best practice case.“

He addressed Milšped's implementation of artificial intelligence in warehouse management processes, as well as the robotic system for storing and picking goods (Autostore technology), and the latest system for intelligent sorting of goods, enabling the provision of the first integrated logistics platform suitable for e-commerce operations in the region.

Nenad also participated in a Round Table discussion on the topic “Impact of ESG Standards on Business in the Region“ and shared practices in implementing ESG strategy principles into Milšped Group's business processes.

The Congress gathered over 600 professionals from the fields of logistics and supply chain from 24 countries, aiming to network and share the latest trends and practices in this industry. Milšped Group continues to confirm the robotic future of their processes.

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19. MARCH 2024.

New warehouse space in Albania

Milšped Group officially announces the opening of a new warehouse space in Albania. The expansion within the Milšped Albania subsidiary enables the company to enhance their ability to meet the needs of its clients within this market, providing greater warehouse capacity and improving the speed and efficiency of services every day.

Additionally, with the opening of air-cargo service by Milšped Albania, the overall offering in this market has been further enhanced, with the same dedication and expertise that distinguishes Milšped as a leader in the industry.

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19. MARCH 2024.

Milšped aquired the newest food safety certificate

Milšped Group has acquired the new FSSC 22000 food safety certificate. This is a standard recognized by the GFSI organization (Global Food Safety Initiative) and contributes to establishing the highest level of safety in the food supply chain, addressing the needs of clients in storage and handling of goods within the food industry sector.

The company continues with further certification and continuous expansion of good food safety management practices.

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13. MARCH 2024.

Collaboration with the AFA organization

In 2024, Milšped Group began collaborating with AFA - All For All - a growing global community that connects businesswomen from various industries.

The goal of this organization is to create a platform for the economic empowerment of women, their professional affirmation, and active involvement in shaping the future and a society of equal opportunities. On this occasion, on International Women's Day, an inspirational workshop was held at the M Base Learning Center for employees of the company.

“Considering that the workshop's theme was gender equality, I am glad that I managed to approach the employees of Milšped Group in an engaging and creative way. The participants were active and eager for discussion, and together we came to new insights and conclusions,“ said Valentine Čolić Mihajlović, who led the workshop on behalf of the AFA organization.

Milšped Group has a large number of women within its teams and takes pride in the quality conditions it provides for them, which is why collaboration with AFA represents an important step that can encourage an even greater number of women to pursue careers in logistics.“

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07. MARCH 2024.

Milšped Group at Kopaonik Business Forum 2024

This was another year in which Kopaonik Business Forum gathered experts from various fields with the aim of conducting constructive discussions on the improvement of the Serbian economy.

Nenad Zdravković, member of Supercisor committee at Milšped Group, was invited to participate in the panel “The role of the region in the change of the automotive industry“.

“As in the past, the railway will become the key transport to a certain location, and then trucks will pick up the goods within a radius of 500 kilometers, and finally the goods will be handed over to smaller vehicles,“ said Mr. Zdravković, noting that this requires large investments and planning.

“We opened an intermodal terminal in Niš as an alternative for truck transport. “Depending on the size, the train can replace 20-40 trucks,“ he pointed out during the discussion on the transformation of transport.This was a great opportunity to share experiences and best practices with other experts on “green“ logistics, the importance of intermodal transport and investment in infrastructure, as well as highlighting the role Milšped Group plays in the modernization of logistics processes in Serbia and the region.

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06. MARCH 2024.

Participation in WCA Worldwide Conference 2024 in Dubai

This year Milšped Group was a participant of the WCA Worldwide Conference 2024 in Dubai, one of the most important international events in the field of logistics focused on shipping and air transport, with the aim of opening doors for new business opportunities.

Our director of shipping, Miloš Mihailović, emphasized the importance of this event for our company: “By representing MilšpedGroup at this prestigious conference, we had the privilege of meeting over 4,500 delegates from all over the world. We successfully presented our company and established contacts with over 400 partner logistics companies around the world. Exchanging experiences and looking at future trends in the logistics industry is a vital step in our business philosophy.“

Apart from the opportunity to expand our business network, this important event is also a source of inspiration for the further growth and development of Milšped Group in the global logistics sector.

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06. MARCH 2024.

First robotic logistics solution for e-commerce

Milšped Group, within its warehouse capacities, continues to implement artificial intelligence through a new system of advanced robots used for more efficient organization, delivery, and storage of goods, enabling the first all-encompassing logistics platform suitable for wholesale, retail, and particularly for e-commerce operations.

Responding to the needs of a dynamic market and clients increasingly demanding fast product delivery, Milšped Group continues its robotic implementation. Alongside the implemented robotic system for storage and order picking at the beginning of last year, it now launches a system for intelligent sorting of goods, with over 100 autonomous robots, capable of delivering 45,000 units of goods daily. This not only enables intelligent inventory management but also intelligent preparation of goods necessary for the final sale through all distribution channels.

These flexible, intelligent solutions are implemented within a warehouse representing a regional distribution center, applicable to various product portfolios and comprehensive market supply through all distribution channels. Coupled with customs brokerage and clearance services, they form an integrated logistics platform tailored for e-commerce, offered through its subsidiary, M-One. Practically, this means that products utilizing the robotic technology or integrated services offered by this logistics platform can be delivered to customers on the same day.

“At Milšped, we believe that warehouse robotization is the key solution for contemporary challenges in the logistics industry. Our strategy of fast and efficient supply through all distribution channels not only makes us a market leader but also ensures the satisfaction of our clients, who are always our top priority,“ said Milan Matić, Board Member and Executive Director of Warehouse Operations at Milšped Group.

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09. FEB 2024.

M-One – Best Logistics Company voted by the audience

At last night's prestigious HotSpot Awards at the Metropol Hotel, our member company M-One won, the tilte of Best Logistics Company, as well as the Best Logistics Partner award, which was awarded to us by DExpress.

These awards represent great recognition in the local market, in the eCommerce industry.

Nenad Zdravković, a member of the Supervisory Board of Milšped Group, and Mirko Miladinović, CEO of M-One, received the awards in front of the M-One member company.

We are proud of the entire team of the M-One company, which as a unique integrated logistics eCommerce platform managed to stand out on the market in a relatively short time due to its exceptional dedication, sacrifice, and quality!


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05. FEB 2024.

Millsped Group is expanding its global presence with the opening of the 15th member company - Millsped Italy

Milšped Group is expanding its global presence by opening its 15th subsidiary company – Milšped Italy. Headquartered in Milan, this company will provide a wide range of services in line with high standards of modern logistics and transportation.

As a leader in the field, Milšped aims to establish state-of-the-art business processes in the Italian market. Clients will have access to all logistics services, including air, sea, rail, and road transport, as well as storage and customs services.

Nikola Todorović, a member of the Milšped Group Board of Directors and the Board of Directors of Milšped Italy, said, “Milšped Group proudly expands its operations in another major European country, believing that it will contribute to the development and improvement of the company on a global level. In the Italian market, we are dedicated to providing high-quality service to our clients, primarily trusting in the phenomenal team we have chosen, led by Marco Bertolli. We also believe that this subsidiary, with true dedication, continuous improvement, and the application of advanced Milšped Group systems, will quickly become a recognized and reliable logistics partner in a market that is of great importance to us. The representation in Milan is just the first step, as we plan to open several more locations across the country to properly cover well established market that Italy represents, and to strengthen our positions in air and sea services to the U.S. and China, and our companies in those countries.“

Like all group members, Milšped Italy is also introducing a new standard of sustainable business and environmental logistics to the market. Focused on adopting intermodal transport as an innovative standard in logistics, the company is implementing an ESG strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to global environmental preservation initiatives.

Milšped Italy represents the 15th country where Milšped Group operates, once again confirming its leadership position in the Southeast European market and its aspiration for global presence.

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30. JAN 2024.

Millsped Group participated in the “(Un)Ready for the Green Future“ conference

Our colleague Ljubomir Jovanović, Technical Director of Milšped Group, was one of the of the round table on the topic “(Un)Ready for the Green Future.“

The round table covered the topics of challenges of the green transition through the perspective of legal regulations on the green economy, as well as the competitiveness of Serbian companies and their role in supply chains. It is the first event of the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, but also in Serbia, during which the preparation and implementation included measuring CO2 emissions.

As a company whose core business is environmental responsibility and which continuously improves all aspects of social responsibility, we are very pleased to have been part of this conference.

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30. JAN 2024.

AHK Serbia visited Milšped

This year's meeting of the logistics, transport, and customs committee was held at our premises in Krnješevci. The participants were representatives of all major logistics companies who are members of AHK, as well as professionals from the logistics sector of potential clients. During the meeting, new legal solutions were presented on the topics of ESPORG safe and secure parking and Safe loading according to VDI DIN.

We would like to thank all participants for their attendance and successfully held meeting.

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26. JAN 2024.

The RPA technology implementation

The RPA technology implementation project, which we initiated at the end of 2022, is achieving significant results that we are very proud of. Our RPA boasts more than 10 automated business processes in the areas of finance, customer care and sales administration.

Advantages of automation implementation:

  • Cost savings
  • 24/7 availability
  • Error reduction
  • Increased efficiency
  • Quick adaptation to changes.

We look forward to further implementation and innovative contribution to the efficient and modern operations of Milšped Group.

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18. JAN 2024.

Biz life interview - Nenad Zdravković, member of NO Milšped Group

1. How would you describe the year 2023 and how challenging was it compared to the year before?

The operation of the entire logistics industry has faced unique challenges in recent years. The dynamic business environment has brought a number of factors that have affected the ability of companies to efficiently deliver products to end users, such as disruptions in the supply chain, capacity constraints, then a sharp rise in fuel prices, as well as challenges in finding an adequate workforce.

However, our commitment to our clients remains unchanged. Working closely with them, we have adapted to the changing spectrum of risks, providing them with support and innovative solutions during these challenging times.

2. If we look at your investments, it is noticeable that you have achieved significant success this year. Can you tell us more about that?

This year has been very successful for our business. At the heart of our achievements is the expansion of 30,000 m2 of warehouse-business space in Krnješevci, which adds value to our existing warehouse capacity of over half a million square meters, as well as the increase of the fleet by 100 trucks of the latest generation.

Also, a significant step for us was the implementation of solar panels on the roofs of our warehouses, which contribute to reducing electricity consumption from the grid by as much as 34%. This initiative is part of our wider engagement within the ESG strategy, which focuses on environmental protection and reducing gas emissions.

Last, but not least when it comes to investments, is the intermodal terminal M-BOX near Niš, which marked one year of successful business this year. In this way, we provide clients with savings, since the terminal offers new efficient and environmentally friendly intermodal solutions that were not possible in southern and central Serbia until now.

3. When we are already talking about the warehouse, we cannot help but point out that the Milšped company constantly invests in the implementation of robotic storage of goods. Tell our readers to what extent this type of innovation facilitates your business?

The robotic storage of goods at the company Milšped significantly facilitated our business in several ways. First of all, robots enable uninterrupted warehouse operation, which increases productivity and accelerates the realization of our clients' requests. This non-stop activity also results in cost reductions and storage capacity has tripled, meaning we can deliver significantly higher volumes compared to traditional warehouse process management methods.

We believe that robotization is not only an answer to the challenges in the logistics industry, but also a key factor that confirms our position as a leader in a dynamically changing market, and that is why we will continue to invest in new innovative solutions when it comes to this business segment.

4. Milšped Group, as a leading logistics and transport company, is present on three continents and 14 different markets. The group consists of numerous members, but their number is still increasing. What is the secret to the constant expansion of your business?

After nearly thirty years of working in this company, I can freely say that the key to our success lies in a strong tradition and a unique spirit of togetherness that reigns among our work teams.

Commitment and adaptability to constant market changes allow us to grow and succeed, while expanding the scope of business, as well as investing in the expertise of our teams, are key factors in continuous growth, which resulted in the company's revenue increasing tenfold over the last ten years, and our revenue in the past year exceeds the amount of half a billion euros.

This year, new member companies in Hungary and Romania also started operating, and we became present in 14 different markets, which marks only the beginning of our ambitious plan for further growth.

5. Why is Milšped's MBASE educational center important and what makes it unique in this part of Europe?

With the desire to provide its employees with the opportunity for constant learning and improvement in addition to good working conditions, Milšped Group decided to establish a unique educational center within which we organize various educational programs adapted to all levels of employees with the involvement of top experts from the profession. Among other things, I would like to single out the “Transformational Leadership and Emotional Intelligence“ program, which is organized with the help of eminent experts through licensed programs, and which attracted the most attention of our employees.

M Base learning center is a unique concept of its kind in the environment focused on strengthening leaders and employees through inspiration, intellectual stimulation, motivation and commitment. We believe that people are our most valuable resource, and by investing in them we invest in a successful future.

6.The company Milšped launched the integrated logistics E-commerce service M-ONE three years ago. Are you satisfied with the work so far and what are the future plans for that business segment?

Responding to the expansion of online shopping and following world trends, we founded the M-ONE member company, which has been providing modern and efficient logistics support services for e-commerce businesses for three years, providing a comprehensive solution for deliveries both in Serbia and in all European markets.

In accordance with our plans, we are focused on sustainable business, and we recently started the implementation of electric vehicles in the M-ONE fleet, contributing to environmentally responsible transport. This initiative is only one of the contributions of the Milšped company when it comes to reducing the emission of harmful gases and noise pollution.

7. Milšped Group celebrated three decades of successful business this year. When you summarize everything, how do you evaluate the past thirty years of the company and what are Milšped's plans for further business?

For us, thirty years represents a time of great achievements, but also a time of continuous growth, innovation and commitment to our clients. From a small office with only a few employees, we have reached an impressive number of 3,500 employees in 14 countries on three continents. A large company causes great responsibility and the aspiration that everything we do is at the level expected of the Millsped Group. We assess the time behind us as challenging, but extremely fulfilling because we have built strong partnership relationships and achieved significant goals. When we talk about the future, we will continue in the direction of innovation, sustainability and efficiency, all with the aim of justifying the epithet of a leader in the field of transport and logistics, even with the upcoming challenges.

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15. DEC 2023.

Milšped Group opens a new warehouse in Novi Sad

The company Milšped opened a new warehouse and business space in Novi Sad, which was built and equipped in accordance with the highest standards of modern logistics. With this warehouse construction project, Milšped Group is laying the foundations for a significant expansion of its current storage capacities, which now exceed an impressive half a million square meters.

Milšped Group provides its clients and partners with an efficient customs process, ensuring simpler handling of goods when importing, placing in a free zone and exporting from a free zone. This project not only facilitates and accelerates business, but also creates new jobs, improving the functional mobility of the local community.

"We are proud of another successful project with which we responded to the growing demands of the market and the needs of our clients. This warehouse brings new opportunities and further potential for expansion, but above all faster and more efficient realization of all requests and creation of new jobs. In addition, during its construction, we respected the latest operational standards of the warehouse of this size, but also ensured compliance with all measures that will guarantee business in accordance with the principles of sustainable business and green logistics", said the director of the warehouse, Milan Matić.

Milšped Group adopted its ESG strategy with the aim of deeply establishing the principles of sustainable development and green logistics in its value chain. The very construction of the new warehouse in Novi Sad followed this philosophy, and solar panels will be placed on the roof, a practice that Milšped had already implemented before.

In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Milšped Group will use exclusively gas (environmental) trucks for the transport of goods from production to storage, which is a new innovation introduced into business after the implementation of intermodal transport technology.

In addition, the thermal regime that has been established guarantees the storage of products at optimal temperatures, which are responsible for maintaining the freshness and quality of the products. For this reason, the requirements of the Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000 have been fully complied with in the new warehouse, which confirms the company's commitment to the highest standards of food safety. The non-profit FSSC Foundation consults with global stakeholders when making the decision to award certificates, and the calculation scheme includes verified international and independent standards.

Milšped Group, the leader in the region in the field of transport and logistics, celebrates three decades of successful business this year, with over 3,500 employees and a large network of member companies that are present in more than 14 countries around the world, on three continents. Commitment to innovation and constant investments in business processes confirm the group's leadership position as well as commitment to improving logistics capacities in order to meet the highest demands of clients.

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15. DEC 2023.

Interview of Nenad Zdravković, member of NO Milšped Group for Ecomm Serbia

Nenad Zdravković, a member of the Supervisory Board of Milšped Group, gave an interview for the eCommerce Association of Serbia. Below you can find more information regarding online shopping. Complete interview is available on the website of the Association, link https://ecommserbia.org/2023/12/15/entervju-nenad-zdravkovic-milsped-group.

How is your company responding to the growing demand for online commerce and how are you adapting to changes in this sector?

In the past two decades, Ecommerce has made a real small revolution in the approach to the exchange of goods and services and redefined the very meaning of the word trade, as an economic process that takes place with the physical presence of two or more parties involved in it. For this reason, all large companies, which, without false modesty, includes us, in order to maintain the status of a relevant market actor, must respond strategically to the emerging challenge. Through the establishment of the M-ONE company, which began operations in 2021 with the aim of providing services that are classified as courier activities, we also entered the waters of e-comm logistics, initially by providing B2B services through the concept of delivery today for tomorrow in multiple time intervals , and after that B2C service. With the start of operation of our robotic warehouse in Krnješevci, thanks to which it is possible to sort goods more efficiently and start delivery from point a to point b in a shorter time, we have created a well-organized interface with subcontractors and clients, who integrate only with us as an e-comm platform on which have everything in one place.

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13. DEC 2023.

Interview with Silvana Đurčević - M Base learning center

1. What are the goals of the M Base Learning Center programs and how do they impact employee motivation towards future development?

M Base Learning Center supports the continuous education and personal development of employees at Milšped company. We focus on three key pillars: leadership and emotional intelligence development, expert training for each business line, and strengthening internal expertise through training internal trainers.

Thanks to this initiative, we observe a high level of motivation among employees, reflected in many applications for training, an increased number of participants in the year 2023, and the employees’ eagerness to share their knowledge with others. We take pride in having 24 internal trainers who have conducted at least two training sessions this year, enhancing camaraderie and support among colleagues.

2. How many workshops have you conducted since the beginning of this year, and what are the plans for the next year?

In the first year of operation of the M Base Learning Center, nearly 1000 employees have participated in various programs and training sessions. The number is substantial and reflects the ambitious goals we set, with the support we received from colleagues across all business lines contributing to the success of our initiatives.

It is important to note that the evaluations of the programs and training by our employees are very positive, further motivating us to continue our work and set even more challenging goals for the upcoming year.

For the year 2024, we plan not only to continue existing training but also to launch a new program for young, future leaders, along with additional training sessions conducted by our internal trainers to continue supporting the development of our team.

3. Based on employee feedback, which workshop do you believe has captured their attention the most?

The Transformational Leadership and Emotional Intelligence program has garnered the most attention from employees, especially from participating managers. Through this workshop, we have received exceptionally positive feedback and messages from participants, strongly indicating that we are on the right track. Their engagement and satisfaction with this program further inspire us to continue providing valuable educational experiences that support the personal and professional development of our employees.

4. How would you describe the current state of business skills in our society, considering your extensive experience in the field of human resources?

Required business skills vary depending on the industry, the life cycle stage of the company, its level of development, and expected growth. In the business context, we can boast a high level of business skills, and given my extensive experience in human resources, I will always prioritize competencies necessary for effective people management.

We recognize that transitioning from the role of Operations Manager to the role of People Manager is a complex process. Key skills in achieving results through employees, motivating teams, increasing engagement, self-awareness, understanding the needs of employees, and leading younger generations become vital focal points for improvement.

In line with this, Milšped has acknowledged these challenges, and we have developed the Transformational Leadership and Emotional Intelligence program in response to these issues. This program helps us strengthen the key skills required for successful leadership and management of people in a dynamic business environment.

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11. DEC 2023.

Milšped Montenegro is celebrating 15 years of successful business

Milšped Montenegro was established in 2008 and is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. During this time we proudly build trust and reputation in the Montenegrin business environment.

Our turnover in 2022 reached an impressive 9.193.000 euros, testifying our strong economic presence and business growth in Montenegro.
We conclude 2023 with an increased number of 71 employees, compared to 56 in 2022.

Over the past 3 years, Milšped Group has emerged as a key player in the Montenegrin logistics sector, representing the most prestigious global companies in textiles, jewelry, equipment, home appliances, and the FMCG sector. Our transport network for local firms is increasingly visible, with stable growth every year. With a customs sector boasting over 20 freight forwarders, we stand out with excellent individuals, while the overall strength is in our team. Storage processes grow and we will build a modern logistics center. Our distribution fleet grows each year, aligning with the demands of our clients. We carefully monitor customer needs and market specificities, with growth patterns similar to tourist destinations.

The dedication of our young team and the strength of the Milšped Group are crucial in achieving excellent results in Montenegro. We are proud of strong partnerships with reputable domestic and international companies over the past 15 years and look forward to future projects and continued success.

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01. DEC 2023.

Final works on the construction of the new logistics center in Krnješevci

Five months ago, the Milsped company initiated the construction of a new warehouse and business space in Krnjesevci, spanning approximately 30,000m2. Equipped with advanced technology and automated storage systems, the new warehouse will efficiently handle tasks that are specific to e-commerce and regional distribution.

The new warehouse will also include an office space covering 3,500m2, an additional 100 parking spaces for heavy-duty vehicles, five electrical connections for refrigeration units on cold storage, an embedded weighbridge for vehicles up to 60 tons, along with a control facility.

Milšped Group, through its continuous investments, reaffirms its success and leading position in the market, dedicated to meeting the highest needs of its clients.

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01. DEC 2023.

Milšped Albania is celebrating 10 years of successful business!

Milšped Albania, a member of the Milšped Group, provides logistics services customized to meet clients' specific requirements while maintaining the highest business standards. With a 2023 revenue of almost 14 million euros, we affirm our position as Albania's leading logistics company.

At Milšped Albania, we offer various services, such as international and national road transport, customs brokerage, sea transport, air transport, rail transport, contract logistics.

Milšped Albania is the country's sole provider of 3PL services, offering customizable and scalable warehousing and transportation services tailored to meet clients' unique needs, considering market conditions and product delivery requirements.

We are grateful for the dedication of our current 100 employees who have contributed to achieving such high results for Milšped Albania. We look forward to future projects and achievements.

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30. NOV 2023.

Milšped Group participated in the GTFP held within the framework of the World Customs Organization

Milšped Group was part of the Global Trade Facilitation Program, which was held under the framework of the World Customs Organization.

During the meeting's open session, a panel discussion took place, featuring representatives from the Customs Administration, the private sector, the Ministry of Finance, and the National Trade Facilitation Body.

Our colleagues Velizar Perunovic, Sales Director of Milšped Group and Branko Todorović, Director Customs Clearance Department of Milšped Group, had the opportunity to participate in the Customs to Business – Roundtable meeting and to host experts from the World Customs Organization during the Mercator follow-up mission. In this regard, Branko Todorovic, was honored to take part in the panel at the ceremonial closing of this event.

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30. NOV 2023.

Sales Director of Milšped Group, Velizar Perunović for Easy Engineering Magazine

Milšped Group celebrates three decades of successful business this year, aligning with the global trend of dedicating efforts to digital transformation to adapt to new technologies and meet the highest client demands.

Milšped Group celebrates three decades of successful business this year, aligning with the global trend of dedicating efforts to digital transformation to adapt to new technologies and meet the highest client demands.

“One of the most significant innovations in our service portfolio is the introduction of robotic technology and machine learning (AI) in one of our warehouses in Serbia. This revolutionary move stems from our belief that robotics can enhance warehouse operations and service quality by working continuously 24/7. This not only increases productivity and order delivery speed but also reduces labour costs and minimizes errors associated with human factors. Robots are capable of taking over traditionally manual tasks, especially those with inherent risks“, highlighted Velizar Perunović, Sales Director of Milšped Group, in an interview for Easy Engineering Magazine.

Our commitment to sustainable practices, digitalization, infrastructure growth, and employee training unequivocally indicates that we continue to pursue the path of innovation, expansion, and excellence in service delivery, to remain dedicated to the success and growth of our current and future partners.

Read the interview at the following link: https://easyengineering.eu/milsped-30-years-moving-borders

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27. NOV 2023.

Your first career program. Sign up for the “My First Salary” Program

We are proud to be able to offer young people the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and skills through the 'My First Salary' program.

This program is ideal for those under the age of 30 who have completed secondary or higher education and have no prior work experience. Milšped Group offers training for positions as transport organization and customs mediation associates.

If you thrive in a dynamic environment that challenges you, we invite you to apply for paid internships for the mentioned positions at more than ten locations in Serbia and become a part of our team!

All information about our open positions can be found at the link http://mojaprvaplata.gov.rs/pozicije

The application period lasts until December 6th. We look forward to receiving your applications!

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24. NOV 2023.

Milšped Croatia is celebrating its 10th anniversar

Milšped Croatia, a member of the Milšped Group, is celebrating 10 years of successful business this year. Our extensive warehouse capacities, stable distribution network, and efficient international transportation, along with an annual turnover of almost 25 million euros, make clients recognize us as a reliable and efficient partner in this country.

Milšped Croatia provides integrated logistic solutions, including: warehousing – 22,000 m2 of high-bay warehouse space offering state-of-the-art solutions to clients, distribution – a well-established distribution network enabling delivery within 24/48 hours, maritime transport – service covering transportation to and from the country, international transport – a widespread network of company members providing fast and efficient service worldwide, air transport – presence of air transport at Zagreb Airport to meet all client needs, customs services – comprehensive customs clearance services at Customs Office Jankomir and Port of Rijeka locations.

We take pride in building strong partnerships with reputable domestic and international companies over the past decade. We look forward to future projects and successful outcomes.

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22. NOV 2023.

The presence of Milšped Group at TRANSLOGConnect 2023 congress

We are excited to inform you that we were a part of the TRANSLOGConnect 2023 congress, which took place in Budapest. The event is a leading platform for the transportation, logistics, and supply chain management industry in Central and Eastern Europe. New Milšped group member, Milšped Hungary, have had a unique opportunity to present its services at the conference.

Milšped Serbia and Milšped Hungary have a direct connection, which offers enhanced integrated services, simplified customs procedures, storage options in Hungary, and efficient organization of international road transport along with the preparation of all types of customs documents.

With over 400 participants from more than 17 countries in the region and beyond, the TRANSLOGConnect congress serves as an excellent platform for networking with industry colleagues. We are particularly excited about meeting new people and exploring potential future partnerships.

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21. NOV 2023.

New company member part of Milšped Group – Milšped Romania S.R.L.

Milšped Group has welcomed a new company member. Following the establishment of Milšped Hungary, the company Milšped Romania S.R.L. has commenced its operations with its headquarters in Timișoara as well. This marks the introduction of a broad range of services to the Romanian transport and logistics market, for which Milšped has become renowned. This new addition to the Milšped family brings the same dedication to quality logistics and transportation that has characterized the company for 30 years in its operations across three continents and 14 countries.

Once again, the opening of a new company within Milšped Group ensures additional benefits and resource savings for clients and partners through the synergy of Milšped Romania and Milšped Serbia, setting new standards for sustainable business and green logistics too.

„Establishing Milšped Romania S.R.L. allows us to provide all clients and partners with a simplified customs process, delivering a unified and integrated service for customs clearance, storage, and distribution of goods, including container transportation. I am delighted to wish a successful start to the newest member of the Milšped family,“, stated Žarko Matin, a member of the Milšped Group's Board of Directors and CEO of Milšped Hungary and Milšped Romania.

Furthermore, Milšped Romania introduces a new dimension of sustainable business and green logistics to the market. Through its commitment of implementing intermodal transport as the new standard in logistics and the application of the ESG strategy adopted by the company, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.

Milšped Group, as a regional leader in the field of transportation and logistics, is celebrating three decades of successful operations this year, with over 3,500 employees within the system and an extensive network of members in 14 countries across three continents.

Innovation and continuous investments in business processes confirm the group's leadership position and commitment to enhancing logistical capacities to meet the highest client demands.

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16. NOV 2023.

The presence of Milšped Group at the “Customs at a Click” panel

Branko Todorović, director of the customs sector at Milšped Group, participated in the panel organized by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce titled “Customs at a Click,“ marking the initiation of the eCustoms project. This project, supported by the EU, aims to modernize and automate customs procedures in line with European standards, facilitating faster processing of information and documents, and reducing waiting times and business costs.

“With the automation of export and import customs clearance, there will be no detention as it is currently done. This means there will be no waiting, not only at the border but also at the departure and destination customs offices. The result will be a much faster shipment and delivery of goods, impacting the entire logistics line, providing numerous benefits in logistics, economy, and production,“ stated Branko Todorović to RTS after the panel.

In addition to our internal implementation of a new operational information system, automation of sales administration processes, and management of warehouse processes, the new eCustoms project will undoubtedly enhance the effectiveness and traceability of processes within all Milšped Group member companies.

These initiatives collectively represent a significant step forward in making Milšped Group's business more efficient, modern, and competitive on a global scale.

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09. NOV 2023.

The presense of Milšped Group at XI Logistics & Transport Annual Conference

During yesterday, our colleague Dusan Besic, Manager of Contract Logistics, had the opportunity to attend and present the implemented AutoStore robotic technology in warehouse management processes at the XI Logistics & Transport Annual Conference.

Together with representatives from Element Logic, all the advantages and benefits that this system has brought to the Milšped Group in 9 months of operational use in our warehouse were presented.

“With this system, we have managed to improve key business indicators, including the capacity of our warehouse operations. We offer our clients performance stability throughout the year, regardless of whether it's holidays, Black Friday, or non-working days. Employee training is very brief, and after a few hours on the first day, impressive results in work performance are achieved. The entire warehouse is operated by just five people in one shift, and over these 9 months, we have recorded high levels of employee satisfaction. I am proud to emphasize that there is a strong desire among our employees to work within the AutoStore facility,“ Dušan highlighted during his presentation at the conference.

The use of the AutoStore system aligns with Milšped Group's commitment to responsible business practices and sustainable development goals, as the system effectively utilizes energy and triples the storage capacity in the same space.

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08. NOV 2023.

Milšped Group is participating in the prestigious CIIE 2023 Expo in China

As one of the 24 companies from Serbia, Milšped Group is participating in the prestigious CIIE 2023 National Convention & Exhibition Center in Shanghai, China, where the whole world has the opportunity to discover the potential of the Chinese business market.

CEO of Milšped China, Dragan Boskovic, along with colleagues from Milšped China, are taking this opportunity to present a logistics platform for transporting goods from Europe to Asia.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, we have the opportunity to showcase the business of Milšped Group, with a history spanning 30 years, as well as all the subsidiary companies within the group, such as AML, MBOX, SKY CARGO, and M ONE, specialized in automotive and e-commerce logistics services, as well as intermodal and air transport.

We look forward to the remaining days of the exhibition where we will have the opportunity to introduce ourselves to potential partners and collaborators.

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06. NOV 2023.

Milšped Serbia in Top 100 most successful companies in Serbia

Through hard work, dedication, and a brilliant team of over 3,500 employees on the group level, we can proudly say that Milšped Serbia has made it to the list of the 100 most successful companies in Serbia.

Our vision for the future is clear; we continue to invest, innovate, and implement the latest technologies and top-notch standards while expanding our presence both in Europe and on other continents.

In the year when we celebrate our 30th anniversary, our plans for the future are ambitious. The enthusiasm and strong energy of our employees will ensure our path to their achievement and even better positions, both in Serbia and in the broader region.

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03. NOV 2023.

Visit by members of AHK - German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce

This week we had the honor to host AHK - German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, as well as their high officials AHK Executive Member of the Board at the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce Mr. Alexander Markus and Doris Danilović Deputy Director - Head of the Member Department.

During their visit, we had the opportunity to present Milšped Group, through the prism of 30 years of successful business with a wide range of integrated services on three continents in 14 countries of the world. As part of the visit, AHK members had the opportunity to go through our first automated warehouse, AutoStore, which represents top technology in the field of storage and brings our clients a robotic solution for managing warehouse processes while increasing productivity. During the meeting, they had the opportunity to visit Milšped AML, whose potential is aimed at creating logistics solutions for the automotive industry, primarily in the German market, but also in other countries of the region and the European Union.

We are proud to have had the opportunity to show them our passion for innovation and commitment to quality. Thank you AHK for your visit, and we look forward to future cooperation!

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31. OKT 2023.

Milšped Slovenia in top 100 companies in Slovenia

Milšped Slovenia, a member of the Milšped Group, has been included among the top 100 companies in the transport industry. During this recognition, CEO Brankica Mavretić emphasized the expectation of both quantitative and qualitative growth in the upcoming period, primarily due to investments in expanding international road transport capacities, as well as planned increases in the volume of transportation in both the maritime and air segments.

In an interview with Finance.Si, she highlighted that this year presented challenges but, thanks to their efforts, Milšped Slovenia has forged even closer partnerships with customers in the aviation and maritime sectors, with a focus on developing individual solutions. “Growth remains our core strategy,“ Brankica stated. “I believe that Milšped Group will continue to grow in 2024 thanks to the development of intermodal solutions and green technologies. We are establishing intermodal connections from Koper to Ljubljana and Niš, developing electric delivery, and proudly announce that we are already collaborating with partners in Ljubljana on the delivery of electric delivery trucks.“

In conclusion, she emphasized that, despite the challenges ahead, they remain optimistic and committed to growth. The situation is constantly evolving, but they are prepared to adapt and continue providing excellent service to their clients.

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30. OKT 2023.

Milšped USA is celebrating its 5th anniversary

Milšped USA, a member of the Milšped Group, began its journey as a holding company in 2018. Initially focused solely on ground transport, today it boasts over 140 employees and serves as a reliable logistics partner offering integrated services, including ground transport with own our fleet, our own fleet currently comprises 85 trucks with 53' dry-van trailers, equipment rental of trucks and trailers, ground transportation brokerage, services for transporting goods using various types of vehicles in the market (dry vans, reefers, open deck equipment, vans, etc) anc ocean and air transportation - freight forwarding services

We proudly highlight that as of March this year, Milšped USA has become a member of IATA (International Air Transport Association), a part of the international association of airline carriers.

Milšped Group, as a leader in the transport and logistics market, has been pushing boundaries for thirty years in dedication and commitment to providing the best-integrated logistics services worldwide.

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27. OKT 2023.

Milšped Group at the conference Transport and logistics: in the heart of economy

In Belgrade was held the conference “Transport and Logistics: at the Heart of the Economy” organized by Chamber of Commerce and Industry od Serbia in partnership with Confindustria Serbia, Slovenian business club and Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

In Belgrade was held the conference “Transport and Logistics: at the Heart of the Economy” organized by Chamber of Commerce and Industry od Serbia in partnership with Confindustria Serbia, Slovenian business club and Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

In Belgrade was held the conference “Transport and Logistics: at the Heart of the Economy” organized by Chamber of Commerce and Industry od Serbia in partnership with Confindustria Serbia, Slovenian business club and Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

“Bearing in mind the export orientation and signed contracts in China, we expect a larger volume of work, bearing in mind that Serbia is on the Silk Road route and in this regard we hope to eliminate bollenecks at certain border crossings, and new infrastructure capacities tha will enable unhindered flow of goods,” said Velizar Perunović at the conference.

Participation in this logistics conference is of great importance, especially taking into account its conclusions which are focused on strategic determinants for the industry – investing in cargo air transport infrastructure, railways, considering the introduction of digital passports and simplifying administrative and other customs and border procedures.

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27. OKT 2023.

The construction of new Milšped warehouse and business space is in progress!

After three months of construction, this impressive complex is taking on a more and more credible appearance, and our new logistics center will span approximately 30,000 square meters. The new warehousing and business space will be an addition to our existing warehouse capacity, which, within the Milšped Group, totals more than half a million square meters. It will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology and automated warehouse systems, tailored to e-commerce with the ability for regional shipment distribution. To meet the highest demands of our clients and the needs of our employees, the new warehouse will be characterized by increased logistical operation efficiency, guaranteed safety, optimization, space modernization, and high standards of energy efficiency.

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25. OKT 2023.

The presense of Milšped Group at the VI E – Mobility Forum

The Sixth E-Mobility Forum, focusing on the challenges and innovative technological solutions in the fields of automotive technological solutions in the fields of automotive and urban mobility, was held on October 11 and 12, 2023. The event was organized by NAAEV in collaboration with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and with the support of the Faculty of Traffic and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Belgrade. Throughout the two-day conference, more than twenty distinguished experts from Serbia, Europe, America, and China engaged in separate sessions to discuss topics such as “Feature Mobility”, “Mobility and Energy” and “Sustainable Logistics”.

Representing Milšped Group, colleague Marko Ivković had the opportunity to present the AutoStore project, which involves the implementation of robotic technology in warehouse management processes and represents an extremely promising direction for the future of the logistics industry.

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24. OKT 2023.

The presence of Milšped Greece, a member of Milšped Group, at the “Supply chain & logistics exhibition“

We are always excited about opportunities to strengthen our partnerships, and one such opportunity recently occurred in Athens at the “Supply Chain & Logistics Exhibition.” At this significant event, colleagues from Milšped Greece, a member company of the Milšped Group, established significant contacts with existing partners, as well as with potential new collaborators in the field of logistics and transportation.

The Supply Chain & Logistics Exhibition, the largest trade fair of its kind in Southeastern Europe, promotes transportation and logistics services, material handling technologies, and commercial vehicles. The presence of Milšped Greece at the fair allowed us to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and innovations.

The presence of colleagues from Milšped Greece at the fair contributed to expanding horizons for the Milšped company and opening up new opportunities for growth and service improvement.

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18. OKT 2023.

The presence of Milšped China, a member of the Milšped Group, at the third international forum “Belt and Road“

The third international strategic forum “Belt and Road“ was held in Beijing. Colleagues from our member company Milšped China had the opportunity to meet officials from more than 130 countries and 30 international organizations.

Dragan Bošković, CEO of Milšped China, represented our company at this forum, where he had the opportunity to, among other things, attend six thematic seminars dedicated to: unhindered trade, spiritual connection, exchange between professional institutions, pure Silk Road and maritime cooperation.

The presence at this forum was of great importance for us, bearing in mind our long-standing presence on the Chinese market.

The presence at this forum was of great importance for us, bearing in mind our long-standing presence on the Chinese market.

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17. OKT 2023.


Milšped Group, which has evolved from a freight forwarding company into a leader in the logistics and transport industry, has been successfully providing a wide range of integrated services across three continents in 14 countries for 30 years. As the company celebrates its three-decade milestone, it is distinguished by its global presence, an impressive level of expertise, and a commitment to a high reputation. Operating on an annual basis, it generates a revenue of 540 million euros while providing comprehensive logistics services.

Through cutting-edge work methods, continuous growth, investments, and sustainable operations, Milšped Group has now grown to employ 3,500 individuals. ”We take great pride in all that we have achieved so far, and we are recognized for our unique approach and way of working. We can proudly say that Milšped is now an example of a successful business, and this achievement is owed to the exceptional atmosphere and sense of belonging among our employees - the most crucial element of our success. People are, after all, the most valuable resource of our company, and that's why we strive to continually invest in their development, which is why we have launched the M BASE Learning Center, unique in this part of Europe”, The statement was made by the CEO of Milšped Group, Nebojša Krivokuća.

Within the Milšped Group, there are several member companies that have quickly gained recognition in the market. MBOX Terminals manages the most modern intermodal terminal in this part of Europe, the only one in the region connecting Serbia to the world. Another member company, M-One, offers an integrated logistics service tailored to e-commerce, uniquely covering the Western Balkans. Recognizing the significance of automotive logistics, the group has established a collaboration with the largest global car manufacturers through its member company AML, which specializes in transporting the latest generation of vehicles between factories, warehouses, and European ports. AML possesses 180 specialized railcars for this purpose. Furthermore, the importance of air traffic in transportation has experienced exponential growth in recent years, leading to the opening of the first Serbian cargo airline, Milšped Sky Cargo, aimed at providing cargo transportation services by air for all types of goods.

As the company enters its fourth decade of operation, it will continue to make investments in the years ahead. These investments will encompass sustainability, digitalization, infrastructure capacity, as well as the ongoing development and training of its employees. For this reason, the company anticipates continuous expansion of warehouse capacities and greater adoption of the concept of 'greening' logistics through the implementation of solar panels and the strengthening of railway transportation. Like all major global companies, Milšped will strive to establish the highest service quality standards, positioning itself as a regional leader and a pioneer in modern logistics and transport.

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11. OKT 2023.

The presense of Milšped Group at the FONbording event

We always look forward to opportunities when we can exchange experiences with the young generations to come and when we can learn at first hand more about their expectations and needs.

Milšped Group had the opportunity to attend the FONboarding event, where our colleagues from HR, at our stand, had the opportunity to introduce students opportunities within Milšped Group. We were especially pleased to introduce them to all the benefits we offer to students - scholarships and summer internship programs, but we also present them with great opportunities for future career development through functional mobility, which we are particularly proud of.

At the fair itself, students had the opportunity to go through conversation simulations, to compete in solving the business case study that we assigned them, and thus gave them the opportunity to show their skills and abilities.

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06. OKT 2023.

Negotiation is a skill that is acquired through practice

The M Base Learning Center is a valuable resource within the Milšped Group, available to all employees, regardless of their current position. On this occasion, employees who had the opportunity to attend the lecture were given insights into the basic skills of negotiation, communication, and successful team leadership by Davorka. The M Base Learning Center represents a valuable resource within the Milšped Group, available to all employees, regardless of their current position. This center has been designed with the aim of providing support to employees through a variety of workshops, helping them acquire key skills relevant to their careers. In a time of dynamic market changes, Milšped Group continually invests in the development and empowerment of its employees, recognizing knowledge and skill enhancement as crucial for their ongoing growth and advancement.

1. Can you tell us how your collaboration with the M Base Learning Center, a part of the Milšped company, which offers a unique approach to employee training in the domestic market, came about?

Successful companies or individuals easily recognize the qualities that define the other party, and from such mutual respect, only quality outcomes can arise. Milšped Group has gained international recognition in the field of transportation and logistics services over the past few decades, making it a prime example of a group of companies with a global presence. On the other hand, company Biondi, of which I am the owner, has been in business for just over a decade and has successfully conveyed the necessary knowledge and skills to most of our clients, transforming them into better negotiators. Considering that over 60% of our participants attend four or more consecutive training sessions in a year, there's no reason to doubt that the education at the M Base Learning Center will be any different.

2. What are the key skills that you consider most important for successfully leading a company with 3,500 employees across 14 countries on 3 continents?

The key is to have a leader in the business environment who excels in people management skills in every situation, someone who can provide constructive feedback, act as a motivator to the team, and exhibit a balanced level of assertiveness. Modern business requires knowledge of negotiation skills, persuasion techniques, and methods for softening rejections, particularly when dealing with “difficult“ individuals who exhibit mistrust or various forms of impoliteness towards the other party. These behaviors are often a result of some form of insecurity or upbringing in a different socio-political context from the one in which business is conducted today. In business, I often encounter a toxic team atmosphere, autocratic leadership, and a culture of fear. These are remnants of the socialist business environment, where these traits continue to dominate. In Croatia, for example, it's believed that since joining the European Union in 2013, more than 40,000 companies have failed. This is a significant number, even for much stronger economies. While part of the truth lies in the inability to compete with fierce competition, I can assure you that stories of poor economic policies and low purchasing power are ultimately just excuses, and these companies have remained blind to the inevitable changes in their business approach.

3. What is your advice on how to deal with conflicts that can arise during negotiations?

First and foremost, it's important to understand that instant solutions don't exist, and negotiations are a skill in managing your own emotions, including anger. Every skill is learned. For every conflict, it takes two parties! If your interlocutor falls into the category of these “difficult“ individuals, it's up to you whether a conflict will arise. If you react immediately to unfavorable information, that reaction is perceived either as an attack or as a defense – there is no third solution. That's why it's essential to first silently reflect and approach the situation rationally and with a clear head. Between conflict and anger, there is an equal sign. It's considered that only 7% of people worldwide can manage their emotions of anger and frustration effectively. Since each new meeting or negotiation is costly in both financial and time terms, it's worth trying techniques to neutralize aggressive behavior and express a contrasting position through assertive communication, which should also carry some benefit for the other party. I only terminate meetings in the case of vulgar behavior.

4. What would you say to employees at Milšped who want to improve their negotiation skills and become more successful in their field?

Negotiation is a skill that is learned and acquired through practice. In our region, few companies invest in this skill, which is why the practice of haggling during negotiations is common. The consequences of not mastering negotiation skills result in missed opportunities worth millions of dinars/euros. Participation in negotiation skills development workshops is not enough; it is essential to have a mentor or the best colleague to practice with. Together, you can analyze successes and failures in negotiation based on set goals and build the necessary self-confidence.

5.What are the most common mistakes people make in negotiation?

The first thing is the lack of preparation for upcoming negotiations. Good preparation accounts for 70% of success in negotiation. People often make the mistake of thinking they don't have time for negotiation, consciously giving up additional profit for their company. The main reasons for unpreparedness in negotiations are constant online availability, multitasking, poor time management, and bosses overloading employees, making them an attractive “target“ for opponents in negotiations. It's essential to have knowledge of the market, and competitors, analyze past collaborations, and assess the potential for improvement. The second reason can be attributed to a lack of self-confidence, which is often manifested through crossed arms, chair rocking, nervous face-touching, and avoiding eye contact with the interlocutor. Finally, we come back to the skill of anger and frustration management. Expressing these emotions within reasonable limits during negotiations is healthy and normal; a seller wants a higher price, and a buyer wants a lower one. Therefore, it's important to know how to manage these emotions and keep them at a reasonable intensity.

6. How often have you had the opportunity to collaborate with companies in Serbia or the region that have such an educational center for the development of employees at all levels within their organization?

I've been working in the region for 11 years, and during that time, my programs have been attended by over 17,000 participants from various companies. However, believe me, I'm still surprised every time I come into contact with a company that systematically develops processes and tools to enhance its employees. This tells us that unfortunately, there is still a small number of companies that have an educational center of this kind, as some company owners continue to view it as an expense rather than a profitable investment. However, in the last two years, it's noticeable that even they are changing their more rigid views because they have finally realized that educated and young talent is no longer just focused on salary and that the turnover of employees is becoming more frequent in the search for better working conditions. For that reason, I congratulate Milšped on their systematic investment in employees and their vertical approach to education, which is implemented from the very top of the company. This is, among other things, a guarantee of success!

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05. OKT 2023.

Milšped Group supported the conference „Trends and challenges of female engineers in logistics and transport“

We attended this conference organized by the Association of Women in Logistics, in cooperation with the Engineering Academy of Serbia and the Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia, with the aim of highlighting the position and challenges of female engineers in the field of logistics and transport.As many as 12 works of professional experts from the region were presented at the Conference with the aim of establishing guidelines for the promotion and empowerment of women in economic systems.

In the panel „Empowerment of women in the economy and projects“, Maja Simić, Marketing Director of Milšped Group, shared experiences from the company and pointed out that more and more women are entering the logistics and transport industry, making up a significant part of the workforce, and that their contribution is very important for the development of various sectors within this industry, as well as that Milšped will continue to work actively to promote equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender.

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03. OCT 2023.

Milsped Albania, member company of Milsped Group at the Western Balkans Business Forum

Representatives of Milsped Albania attended the Western BalkansBusiness Forum, which brought together eminent business leaders, as well as experts from the region.

Main goal of the Forum was to strengthen regional cooperation, contribute the exchange of ideas, establish new business contacts, and reach key agreements to encourage economic growth and prosperity in the Western Balkans.

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27. SEP 2023.

Milšped Group is expanding its global presence by opening member company Milsped Hungary.

Milšped Group is proud to announce that its new member company Milšped Hungary has commenced operations, offering top-quality customs clearance, international road transport, and storage services in this market. Milšped Group has once again affirmed its global presence, this time in this part of Europe, and has provided additional benefits to its long-standing and potential new clients, as it usually does when expanding its business or introducing revolutionary innovations.

Through the synergy of the member companies - Milšped Serbia and Milšped Hungary, clients will be able to experience advantages for their businesses through the enhancement of integrated services, including simplifying customs procedures, preparing all types of customs documents, storage capabilities in Hungary, and organizing international road transport.

“The direct connection between companies in Serbia and Hungary brings the opportunity to provide comprehensive and efficient logistics solutions between these two countries. This step brings a range of key benefits for our clients and partners, including streamlining customs procedures, accelerating border crossings, storage within Hungary, and organizing international road transport,“, stated Žarko Matin, Member of the Executive Board Milsped Group & CEO of Milsped Hungary.

Milšped Group, as a regional leader in the field of transportation and logistics, is celebrating three decades of successful business this year, with over 3,500 employees in the system and an extensive network of members in 14 countries, on three continents.

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25. SEP 2023.

The new Milšped logistics center takes on a new look

After two months of construction, new warehouse takes on a new look and provides a glimpse of its grandiosity.

New warehouse-office space in Krnješevci will have an impressive area of about 30,000 m2, which will be an addition to existing warehouse capacities that exceed half a million square meters. The complex will have a parking lot for heavy goods vehicles with up to 100 parking spaces, including five electrical source for standby cooling system on the reefer trailers, a built-in scale for heavy vehicles up to 60 tons, and a control facility.

To improve business, as well as create new jobs, Milšped Group strive to meet the highest standards in the logistics sector with the most modern technology and automated storage systems, adapted to e-commerce, with the possibility of regional distribution of shipments.

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22. SEP 2023.

Milšped Group at the “Day of Serbian Transporters event”

During the past week, Tonislav Avalanja and Nenad Đurović attended the “Day of Serbian Transporters” event, which was organized by the “Truck Business Fair 2023” commercial vehicle exhibition at the Belgrade Fair.

On the exhibit was shown the latest vehicles in the realm of freight transportation and related activities that are closely associated with transportation. More than 70 exhibitors displayed their products and services, including manufacturers and distributors of cargo and trailer vehicles, equipment, tires, tachographs, and more. Representatives of transport associations from Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, and North Macedonia also attended the event. In an informal setting, we had the opportunity to exchange experiences, introduce our company and the variety of services we offer in the field of transportation and logistics, as well as socialize with current and potential partners.

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21. SEP 2023.

Milšped Group at the event “The Future is on Track(s)”

Representatives of Milšped Group, sales director Velizar Perunović, area sales representative Aleksandra Adašević and senior rail freight officer Jovan Jovan Ružičić attended an event dedicated to innovative railway technology - Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC), under the slogan “The Future is on Track(s),” organized by the Transport Community and the Ministry of Construction, Transport, and Infrastructure.

The Automatic Coupling System was presented at the railway station in Novi Beograd, it was the only presentation of innovative railway technology in this part of Europe after similar presentations in Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, and Germany. This system has the potential to completely transform railway freight traffic operates by automating the coupling and uncoupling of wagons, which will enhance safety and efficiency, making the railway more sustainable and competitive.

This event marks a significant milestone in the modernization of the railway system in the Western Balkans and beyond. This innovation aligns with the European trend of promoting sustainable and clean transportation. We firmly believe that this development will contribute towards the growth and progress of our industry. As always, Milšped Group will continue to lead the way in embracing new trends and innovations that promote positive change.

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20. SEP 2023.

The member companies of Milšped China and Milšped BiH have successfully completed the special transportation project from China to BiH

With the joint effort of the member companies Milšped China and Milšped BiH, they successfully completed the special transport project from China to Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the support of colleagues from Milšped Slovenia.

With the donation of the Chinese Government to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the value of 2 million KM, reagents used for the swine fever test. It is a very complex and logistically demanding job because sensitive goods are being transported that require a temperature regime of 2 to 8 degrees C, along with other protective equipment and accessories needed to fight against swine fever.

The handover took place at the customs terminal in Gradiška.

Milšped BiH has previously participated in the delivery and organization of this type of transport, and we would especially like to highlight the transport of vaccines from Russia during COVID-19.

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13. SEP 2023.

Milšped Group at the First International Logistics Conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Representatives of Milšped Group attended the first International Logistics Conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina organized by the Foreign Trade Chamber of this country.

This conference brought together experts in advanced logistics and supply chains, providing an excellent opportunity for networking, benchmarking, knowledge and experience exchange, as well as the promotion of new, modern technologies in logistics.

The aim of this conference is to connect companies involved in transportation and logistics from various sectors of the economy and facilitate the exchange of experiences and ideas. Additionally, it aims to inform participants about current challenges and innovations in this industry.

Velizar Perunović, Sales Director of Milšped, led a panel discussion titled ”Logistics from Door to Door and Global Trends in Logistics.” His extensive experience and expertise in logistics contributed to an engaging discussion on the latest trends and innovations in the logistics sector. Furthermore, Dejan Nikolić, CEO of MBOX Terminals, a member of the Milšped Group, participated as a panelist on the topic of ”Inland Terminals.”

The conference proved to be highly beneficial for all attendees, offering deeper insights into the dynamic environment of logistics and transportation. Moreover, the event facilitated connections between Milšped Group and other leading companies providing and using transportation and logistics services from various sectors of the economy.

This conference represents another opportunity to strengthen the company's partnerships with industry-leading experts. Milšped Group will continue to actively support and participate in various professional gatherings dedicated to advancing and innovating the field of transportation and logistics.

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07. SEP 2023.

Milšped Group and Fashion Company: Robotic storage of goods as the crown of three decades of successful business collaboration

The multi-decade successful collaboration between Milšped Group and Fashion Company has recently been enhanced by technological transformation - robotic warehousing. Marko Mastikosa, the Supply Chain Director at Fashion Company, discussed the benefits of working with Milšped Group.

1. How long have you been working with Milšped Group, and has it been able to meet your business needs?

Both Fashion Company and Milšped have been operating successfully for over 30 years, and this continuous growth and development of both companies have been accompanied by our ongoing collaboration throughout these years. As the companies evolved, the need for logistics services and support also increased. Our collaboration initially started with customs mediation services for goods, but over the years, it has grown to an integrated End-to-End Supply Chain level. This includes complex logistic services such as international FTL and LTL transport, sea and air cargo transport, import and export services, warehousing in customs and distribution centers, sorting and packaging of goods for wholesale, retail, and online sales, as well as B2B and B2C distribution for the entire region. These complex processes represent significant logistic challenges for both companies, but both sides have successfully met all business needs to mutual satisfaction. We hope this collaboration will continue in the future.

2. What joint project are you most proud of?

In general, I am most proud that we managed to elevate the entire planning, organization, management, and control process in the supply chain to a higher level. Together, we proactively improved the logistic service in all segments, moving beyond the classic 3PL (third-party logistics) approach to a more strategic level of collaboration. This led to a significant enhancement in service quality and efficiency throughout the chain. Our proudest achievement was enhancing warehouse operations, primarily due to the prominent seasonal spikes in the Fashion industry. This led to a joint initiative and the necessity to develop automation and robotics in warehousing processes.

3. How easy/challenging was it to transition from a traditional process to a robotic working system?

Honestly, there were challenges during the implementation process and while the system stabilized, as well as during the organizational adjustment to the new system. However, these challenges were overcome relatively quickly. The key was the awareness and support from both sides that this implementation was necessary, that it was the best solution for our organizations, and the belief that we could accomplish it. Today, we can say it was a very successful technological transformation.

4. What has changed in your business since implementing robotic technology?

The high seasonal peaks posed significant challenges in separating, packaging, and delivering goods to stores and online channels. With the implementation of the AutoStore system, our storage capacity increased due to the space optimization it provides. More importantly, the productivity of separating and packaging goods significantly increased, along with a substantial improvement in delivery accuracy. In summary, we gained higher storage capacity with a 5-fold increase in productivity compared to before, and the error rate was minimized. This successful transformation has also paved the way for further automation in sorting processes. We hope that a robotic sorting system will be implemented soon, fully automating sorting, storage, and picking processes with a high level of service and product availability. This opens new horizons for further optimization, consolidation, and regionalization of distribution and warehousing processes with other markets where we operate, creating a comprehensive system of standardized, fast, and efficient logistics services to the satisfaction of our retail and end customers.

5. Would you recommend such a logistics solution to others?

Without a doubt, if we aim to have efficient and quality logistics services with optimal costs, it's essential to move towards automation-robotization systems and business digitization. Those who recognize this early and start in this direction will gain a competitive advantage in the market and ensure the long-term sustainability of their business, just as Fashion Company has recognized. In a logistic context, Milšped has seized this momentum and invested significantly in robotics, which will undoubtedly ensure competitiveness and business sustainability for themselves and all their clients who will use these systems in the future.

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28. AVG 2023.

Introducing students to the work of Milšped Montenegro

Investing in future generations of logisticians is a priority for the Milšped Group company. During the past week, a member of the Milšped Group, Milšped Montenegro, established a successful collaboration with the student organization of the University of Montenegro. As part of our efforts to inform students, our colleagues successfully presented the company, our activities, and prospects for future growth. We focused on the dynamic changes in logistics expected in the coming years.

The lecture was attended by our colleagues: Milšped Montenegro's Executive Director Siniša Boričić, Sales Manager Jovan Vuković, and Warehouse Capacity Supervisor Blagoje Šapurić. They primarily presented to students from the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Civil Engineering, resulting in interesting questions and discussions about the potential of organizing a field visit to familiarize students with the company's operational functioning.

We are confident that our collaboration will continue and we are excited to play a role in shaping new talent in the field of logistics and transportation.We are confident that our collaboration will continue and we are excited to play a role in shaping new talent in the field of logistics and transportation.

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21. AVG 2023.

Celebration of the company Milšped Group in Montenegro

In the beautiful surroundings of the Regent Hotel, located in Porto Montenegro, the Milšped Group company celebrated 30 years of successful business as well as 20 years of successful business of Milšped Montenegro, a member company of the group.

This significant event was not only an occasion for celebration but an opportunity to express our gratitude to all our guests who have been with us throughout our long-standing journey.

Siniša Boričić, the Director of Milšped Montenegro, emphasized the importance of enduring partnerships and the trust bestowed upon the Milšped Group company by our guests. Their support has enabled the company’s growth and development, and their presence at this event once again confirmed our mutual dedication to success and progress.

The Milšped Group company continues its path toward the future, relying on the foundations it has laid over the past 30 years.

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11. AVG 2023.

Presentation of M Base learning center in BIZLife magazine

Nebojša Krivokuća, CEO Milšped Group and Dr Tamara Tomović, licensed business performance coach spoke to BIZLife magazine about the importance of the M Base learning center for all employees in the company where they presented ongoing program - „Transformational leadership and emotional intelligence”.

M Base learning center is intended for all company employees, and it is designed to help employees master all the skills that will be important to them in their future business through workshops, in accordance with the requirements of their workplace.

Company is grateful to Silvana Đurčević for her great contribution and expertise, as well as to the HR team, who together designed and created the entire M Base learning center project, which is unique in this area.

You can read the entire interview at the link:https://bizlife.rs/milsped-m-base-learning-centar-kompanija-emocionalna-inteligencija-zaposleni-napredovanje-karijera/

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07. AVG 2023.

CEO MBOX Terminal, Dejan Nikolić for eKapija

eKapijaMilšpeds MBOX company, located in an industrial zone near Niš, celebrated its first birthday. On this occasion, the CEO of MBOX company, Dejan Nikolić, discussed this topic with the eKapija editorial team.

Among other things, Nikolić presented specifics about the terminal itself, the only one of its kind in the South Serbia region, connected to all the most significant ports for the Serbian market – Rijeka, Thessaloniki, Piraeus, and recently Koper, thanks to the latest opened railway line – Niš - Ljubljana.

Regarding the details related to the choice of the terminal's location, the state-of-the-art European construction standards, the importance this terminal holds for the city of Niš and the entire region of Southern Serbia, as well as its contribution to the concept of green logistics, more information is available in the interview at the following link: https://www.ekapija.com/news/4324889/mbox-terminal-proslavio-prvi-rodjendan-nis-odabran-kao-najbolja-lokacija-na-raskrscu

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03. AUG 2023.

New Vehicles for Milšped Group Fleet

Milšped Group has expanded its fleet with 60 vehicles equipped with the latest EUR6 standard category. The new vehicle fleet will be used to serve the needs of Milšped Slovenia and Milšped Serbia, enabling them to provide even more efficient and reliable services to clients in both countries.

One of the special advantages of the new vehicles is the inclusion of rearview cameras of the latest generation, contributing to increased safety and efficiency during transportation. Taking market demands into consideration, the company has paid special attention to the development of the cold chain transport service, with 50% of the new vehicle fleet specialized for this type of service, as well as for the needs of HVTT (High-Value Targeted Theft) transport of high-value goods.

With the fleet expansion, Milšped Group is creating new job opportunities for drivers who will have the chance to operate the most modern vehicles in the industry and enjoy a work environment that supports their professional development.

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27. JUL 2023.

Milšped Started Construction of New Logistics Center

Milšped has initiated construction for a new storage and business facility in Krnješevci, covering an impressive area of approximately 30,000 m2. This spacious complex will complement the existing storage capacity of over half a million square meters within the Milšped group. The new warehouse will be equipped with the most innovative technology and automated storage systems tailored for e-commerce with the potential for regional distribution of shipments.

Out of the total area of the new logistics centre, 3,500 m2 will be designated for office space, while the remaining part will be allocated to storage capacities. Additionally, a planned extra area on the construction site is reserved for heavy-duty vehicle parking, providing up to 100 parking spots, including five refrigeration unit charging stations. The complex will also feature an integrated weighbridge designed for heavy cargo vehicles weighing up to 60 tons, along with a control facility.

“We eagerly anticipate the imminent opening of another storage and business facility that will significantly enhance our operational capacity and enable new employment opportunities. This substantial investment in the construction itself, amounting to approximately 15 million euros, holds a twofold significance - for our company and also for the community. The fact that we have been committed to applying the highest sustainable construction standards from the very beginning speaks in favour of this” - stated Nebojša Krivokuća, the CEO of Milšped.

The construction of the new storage and business facility represents a clear next step in the company's business development. Through the activities of its new members, Milšped has recently introduced an integrated logistics service for e-commerce under the umbrella of the company M-ONE, available also for countries in the Western Balkans, offering, among other things, robotized warehousing, customs brokerage, and top-notch customer support. Furthermore, within the company M Box Terminals, Milšped has recently established the most modern intermodal terminal in this part of Europe, operating in an economical and environmentally sustainable way. Through these continuous investments, the company reaffirms its success and leadership position in the market, focusing on expanding its capacities, keeping pace with the latest logistics trends, and further developing each segment of its business, all to meet the highest client demands.

As a regional leader in transportation and logistics, Milšped is celebrating three decades of successful operations this year, with over 3,500 employees in its system and an extensive network of members spanning over 13 countries across three continents.

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17. JUL 2023.


Following the demands of clients in the pursuit of reducing CO2 in transport, a member of the Milšped Group, MBOX Terminals, started a completely new intermodal connection of Serbia, Nis - Ljubljana, which enables clients to transport and access goods to the Western European market, as well as the most economical transport from/to the port of Koper.

From now on, transport from Niš to Ljubljana will be improved and facilitated thanks to a new efficient, economical and ecologically sustainable transport system. The first 45HCPW containers from the Milšped fleet arrived from the Western Europe terminal by train to the MBOX terminal in Niš using the new Ljubljana - Niš railway service. Two strong railway lines enable the continuation of transport from Ljubljana to several key destinations such as Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Austria. This transport system creates a connection between the MBOX intermodal terminal and the mentioned European countries, opening unlimited possibilities for efficient and fast transportation of goods.

In addition, the Slovenia Ljubljana-Serbia Niš MBOX line is another significant step towards the complete integration of Serbia into the global transport network. This line establishes a connection between Niš and the port of Koper, one of the largest ports in the area.

The new transport system lays the foundations for more efficient and sustainable logistics, with significantly lower costs, creating potential for the Port of Koper, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Western Bulgaria.

By the end of the year, our fleet will have over 100 - 45HCPW containers, which will significantly increase the participation in intermodal transport of the region and contribute to the aspiration of the entire community to reduce CO2 and preserve the environment.

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05. JUL 2023.

New Graz - Koper Line launched by AML

Today, the first loading was carried out on the new line Graz - Koper, a member of the Milšped Group AML, which represents an important step in the continuous realization of the demands of multinational companies in the segment of auto logistics. In this way, the company expands the services of transportation and distribution of vehicles and spare parts throughout Central and Western Europe, as well as the Balkans.

The company is aware of clients' demands, which is why it has launched an innovative project to redirect logistics flows from road to rail transport, in accordance with the multiple benefits that this modality brings, including reducing CO2 emissions and relieving road traffic. With a fleet of 200 wagons specialized for car transport, complete and efficient logistics solutions are guaranteed.

In addition to the impressive railway fleet, clients of the Milšped company also have at their disposal a modernly equipped compound with a capacity of 3,000 vehicles, ten electric chargers, as well as an impressive fleet of trucks for transporting cars, numbering 350 of its own units, as well as a spare parts warehouse in which, in the foreseeable future, implemented robotic technology.

Also, AML has smart repair capabilities with first-class protection against natural disasters and insects. Also, the spare parts warehouse provides a reliable and safe service, and in the near future, the implementation of robotic technology is planned, which will further improve our warehouse processes.

Milšped AML strives to be your reliable partner in auto logistics, ensuring fast, efficient and sustainable distribution of vehicles and spare parts. Therefore, the new railway line Graz - Koper represents another step towards realizing the vision of continuous development and providing top services to all clients. For this reason, the plan is to expand the fleet by another 200 wagons next year, which will significantly increase the transport capacity.

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30. JUN 2023.

M BOX efficiently connects Serbia and Western Europe

We are soon expecting the launch of a new railway service by M Box Terminals, a member of Milšped Group, which will provide all clients with fast, efficient, and sustainable transportation of goods to the Western European market. This innovative service connects the city of Niš with Ljubljana and offers additional transportation options through two robust railway lines extending to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, and Austria.

One of the lines connects Ljubljana with Munich, opening doors to intermodal connections to cities such as Wales, Leipzig, Hanover, Hamburg, Kiel, Cologne, Neuss, Duisburg, Verona, Milan, and Rotterdam. These connections enable our clients to easily and safely transport their goods to desired markets in European Union countries.

The second line provides railway connections to Duisburg, Antwerp, Bremerhaven, Bludenz, Ens, Graz, Linz, Salzburg, and Vienna. This route opens up new possibilities for transporting cargo to and from Western Europe, supporting trade routes between the Western Balkans and Central and Southeastern Europe.

Additionally, the MBOX intermodal terminal offers numerous benefits to clients, including route optimization, reduced road congestion, and decreased CO2 emissions. As a socially responsible company, Milšped adheres to the principles of ESG strategy and strives to enhance sustainability in all aspects of its business.

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29. JUN 2023.

Achieved Cooperation between Milšped Company and Turkish Company SARP Intermodal

During a recent visit to Milšped's logistics center, representatives of the Milšped Group, and the Turkish company SARP Intermodal agreed on a strategic collaboration between them, aiming to establish better and higher quality services and capacities for intermodal transportation that will connect the Serbian and Turkish markets.

SARP Intermodal was founded in 2014 as the first company in Turkey to engage in intermodal transportation with an integrated transportation network, including Ro-Ro and rail transport combined with road transport, as well as logistics services to any part of the world using air and maritime transport, without changing the cargo container.

The intermodal structure of this company includes all types of palletized, hanging, bulk, hazardous, and non-hazardous cargo, using its own containers and the support of global partners.

The collaboration between Milšped Group and a prominent Turkish company brings new services that will be offered in the Serbian-Turkish market, greatly facilitating the flow of goods and providing new options to potential clients. Consequently, this will impact increased trade exchange between the two countries.

To further enhance their transportation services, Milšped has found a partner that stands out as a leader in the field of intermodal transportation in Turkey.

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26. JUN 2023.

Workshops held as part of the “Internal Trainers“ program at M BASE Learning Center

As part of the “Internal Trainers“ program within the M BASE Learning Center, workshops were conducted by Jasmina Kaluđerović, Sales Manager, Milica Karoljev, Senior Sales Representative, and Stefan Perić, Distribution Manager of M One company.

Through an interactive approach during the workshops, employees in Milšped's operations department gained valuable insights into the negotiation process, sales process flows, and experienced being both a customer and a salesperson.

Stefan Perić, who presented the work of M One, successfully showcased the company's plans and vision, while explaining the specifics and prospects of future e-commerce platform development.

These workshops provided employees at Milšped with valuable knowledge and skills to enhance sales performance and improve customer interactions, with the belief that by fostering internal expertise and sharing experiences, the company can achieve success.

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23. JUN 2023.

Milšped is becoming a part of the AmCham association.

Milšped has become a new member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia (AmCham Serbia), making a significant step in its business that guarantees deeper connections with one of the largest and most influential business associations in Serbia. AmCham Serbia is known for its expertise, business network, and support to both American and local companies in achieving their goals.

Membership in AmCham Serbia brings numerous advantages to Milšped, primarily providing access to a wide range of events, seminars, and conferences regularly organized by the association. These activities offer opportunities to stay informed about the latest business trends, exchange experiences with other members, and expand knowledge and skills. Moreover, it creates opportunities for collaboration on various projects with other companies.

Additionally, by joining AmCham Serbia, Milšped gains the right to participate in working groups and committees that address key business issues and challenges, and through its presence in the decision-making process, it can influence changes of significance to the entire industry.

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15. JUN 2023.

Milsped Group at the TAPA EMEA’s “2023 RESILIENCE@RISK” Conference in Amsterdam

Following world trends and modern tendencies in the world of logistics, Milšped Group is continuously improving its business, with the aim of providing its clients with the best services at minimum costs.

We pay special attention to the safety and risk reduction of goods during transport, therefore also this year we were part of the TAPA EMEA’s international conference - „2023 RESILIENCE@RISK”, which dealt with current and new risks for cargo safety and the resilience of supply chains in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region through presentations and panel discussions with leading subject matter experts.

The event was an opportunity to expand the HVTT transport network and invest in the highest levels and standards of safety, as well as connecting with managers for safety and risk reduction during transport. The conference was attended by Slavko Božović - Corporate Security Advisor, as well as Nenad Đurović - Fleet Director, HVTT Transport Manager.

We are proud to have been part of the TAPA conference again this year, where we had the opportunity to meet with business partners and gain the latest knowledge about TAPA EMEA 2023 standards.

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14. JUN 2023.

Milšped Group is part of the prestigious iFLOWS vision project supported by the European Union

Our company became part of the prestigious iFLOWS vision project, supported by the European Union. This project aims to influence the development of advanced technologies for scanning and detecting illegal material in postal and courier flows, and our active involvement in this project provides us with an exceptional opportunity to expand knowledge in the field of security in the organization of transport through the analysis of logistics processes and activities. In this way, we can identify risks and improve our services.

As an expert company with rich experience in the field of logistics, we play an important role in the development and implementation of the iFLOWS project, providing testing, integration and sustainability support in logistics services. Our deep practical knowledge of logistics processes enables us to gain valuable insights and perspectives in identifying threats and risks. If the need and justification of investment is recognized, Milšped is ready to integrate iFLOWS solutions into its existing logistics services. Such a scenario would enable the application of iFLOWS technologies in a real business environment, which would affect the improvement of transport safety and the efficiency of Milšped services.

Our involvement in the iFLOWS project represents Milšped's commitment to developing a system that supports sustainable logistics processes and reduces the negative impact on the environment.

We are proud to be a part of such an important project like iFLOWS vision, which allows us to keep up with global trends and provide innovative solutions in the logistics industry. Our role as a contributor to the development of new modern technologies is of great importance, and we invest time and resources in the development of systems that follow global market trends and support continuous growth in accordance with the highest world standards.

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13. JUN 2023.

CEO Milšped Group, Nebojša Krivokuća for Pluton Logistics

The company Milšped, with more than 3,500 employees in over 13 countries and on 3 continents, is celebrating its jubilee this year - 30 years of successful business. In three decades, the company has become the absolute regional leader in the logistics market, with a number of companies within its group. The complexity of the scope of work, and the further expansion of services and markets, contributed to continuous growth that led to greater commitment, quality of service, as well as further development of each business segment in order to meet the demands of our clients.

Read more about the expansion of the company's business, modern logistics trends and development plans of the Milšped company, which was discussed by Nebojša Krivokuća - the general director of the Milšped group company at the link bellow:

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06. JUN 2023.

Milšped Group at the Slovenian and Serbian Logistics Conference

Today we are part of a big event called the “Conference of Slovenian and Serbian logistics“ which is being held at the Hyatt Hotel in Belgrade and which will bring together the most important representatives of the logistics sector.

The conference includes presentations by companies and institutions in the field of logistics, as well as a round table where opinions and experiences in this sector of the economy will be exchanged. The conference will also discuss the pilot project of the railway connection on the TEN-T corridor, the possibilities of logistical supply of the economy in the Western Balkans region, as well as the advantages of transport routes through Slovenia.

The conference is attended by Brankica Mavretic - CEO of Milšped Slovenia, Kolja Stemberger - Sea Freight Manager Milšped Slovenia, Dejan Nikolic - CEO of MBOX Terminals, as well as Nebojša Krivokuća - CEO of Milšped Group. Considering the importance of the concept of green logistics, at the conference, the new line MBox Terminals Slovenia Ljubljana - Serbia Niš was announced, and the possibility of logistical supply of the economy in the Western Balkans region will be discussed.

The conference is being held with the support of numerous partners, among which stand out the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia, SPIRIT Slovenia, Slovenian Railways, Luka Kopar and Slovenian Business Club Belgrade, and the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia.

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05. JUN 2023.

Milšped Group at the Fair of Green Ideas and Projects

As part of the “Just green transition and decarbonization in Serbia“ project, in cooperation with UNDP, the Ministry of Mining and Energy and the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and supported by the Government of Japan, the Milšped company participated in the Fair of Green Ideas and Projects, organized on the occasion World Environment Day.

Since we are located in a region that is extremely sensitive to climate change, which at the same time requires the widest possible use of renewable energy sources, this year the Milšped company started a project to build a solar power plant on the roofs of its warehouses.

“As part of the requirements of the sustainable development policy, the company Milšped realizes its contribution through the concept of green logistics, which efficiently performs tasks without polluting the environment. Therefore, we are one of the pioneers when it comes to the application of the “greening“ of logistics, which is achieved through the construction of solar power plants on the roofs of warehouses. With solar panels with a power of 600KW, the forecasted annual savings will amount to 34 percent, while greenhouse gas emissions will be less by 775 tons of CO2 on an annual level,“ , said Velizar Perunović, sales director of the Milšped Group, regarding the company's participation in this event.

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03. JUN 2023.

Milšped Group participated in the Olympic Day on the occasion of the birthday celebration of the Olympic Committee of Serbia

Representatives of the Milšped company participated in the “Olympic Day“ event, which was organized in Hyde Park in Belgrade in order to mark the birthday of the International Olympic Committee.

Milšped Group, as a long-time sponsor of the Olympic Committee of Serbia, under the slogan “On the long run for 30 years“, participated in the relay race and showed how important it is to cultivate sportsmanship, teamwork and positive energy.

The event “Olympic Day“ is traditionally held every June and aims to promote Olympic values and a healthy way of life, encourage physical activity in nature, as well as popularize the Olympic Movement and the philosophy of the Olympic spirit.

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31. MAY 2023.

M BOX was presented at the “SEE MOBILITY” International Trade Fair for traffic technologies and services

We are pleased to inform you thatMBOX Terminals, a member of Milšped Group, participatedin the International Fair for Traffic Technologies and Services, which took place under the slogan “Connectivity for the Future.”

The international fair for traffic technologies and services, SEE MOBILITY, took place for the fourth time in Belgrade, from 30-31. May at Hotel Jugoslavija. This fair is a unique manifestation in this part of Europe and gathers the most eminent companies in the field of traffic technologies and services.

On this occasion, MBOX terminal presented its capacities, state-of-the-art technology, as well as future directions of development. Intermodal terminals are increasingly common in the logistics profession and are considered a key factor in the further development of logistics networks because they efficiently combine various types of goods transport in an economical and environmentally sustainable way.

With a storage capacity of more than 2,700 containers and a dedicated parking lot for trucks and cars, the official customs terminal has modern access control systems, a large number of surveillance cameras with the additional presence of physical technical security 24/7.

When the MBOX terminal was put into operation last year, the company Milšped was guided by the idea that this part of Serbia needed a logistics center like this that would bring new logistics solutions, reduce transport costs, and influence the positive development of the entire region and bring new investments to southern and central Serbia.

We are proud of our MBOX stand at the SEE Mobility Fair!

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25. MAY 2023.

MBOX Intermodal Terminal Celebrates Its First Anniversary

Today, in Popovac, a new industrial zone near Niš, the first anniversary of the MBOX Intermodal Terminal was celebrated at a grand ceremony attended by representatives of the Milšped Group and over 100 clients. This event marked the successful management of the MBOX company's state-of-the-art terminal, the most advanced of its kind in Serbia and the region, for its first year.

Intermodal terminals are becoming increasingly prevalent in the logistics industry and are considered a key factor in the further development of logistics networks, as they efficiently combine various modes of transportation for goods in an economical and environmentally sustainable way.

“Today, we celebrate the first year of successful operation of the MBOX Intermodal Terminal with our friends and business partners, and we are extremely proud and grateful to have such a strong support from the logistics industry of entire region. With this support we managed to handle over 120 container trains and perform more than 16,000 transshipments, in our first year, without significant challenges. We are also in the process of obtaining permits for handling containers with hazardous goods according to RID and ADR standards, acquisition of on a new reachstacker, while next year, we anticipate expanding the center with two large halls, each covering an area of 15,000 square meters,“ stated Dejan Nikolić, the executive director of MBOX.

When the MBOX terminal was inaugurated last year, Milšped envisioned building a rail-road intermodal terminal in the new industrial zone in Popovac, following the latest European standards. This logistical center has the capacity to serve the entire catchment area, handling approximately 50,000 TEUs annually.

Thanks to its ideal location along the corridor 10, a major logistics junction between the east and the west, the MBOX terminal has an excellent macro location. It is also in close proximity to significant ports throughout the surrounding area, allowing all MBOX Terminal clients to conduct business via Greek, Turkish, Slovenian, and Croatian ports and terminals.

This guarantees a high level of container transport efficiency, supported by the fact that the terminal is situated right next to the Niš Marshalling Yard, the second-largest in Serbia. This advantageous positioning allows for easy accommodation of trains and ensures swift access to the MBOX transshipment track, resulting in valuable time and resource savings.

With a storage capacity of over 2,700 containers and dedicated parking for trucks and cars, the official customs terminal boasts modern access control systems, a large number of surveillance cameras, and 24/7 physical security presence. Safety is further enhanced through the NAVIS Terminal Operating System (TOS), which provides real-time tracking of each container's location. Moreover, terminal users such as shipping companies or freight forwarders can receive real-time updates on the position and movement of their containers through EDI connections.

Whether it's a tank container, a swap body container, or an intermodal semi-trailer, the MBOX terminal ensures swift truck-to-rail and rail-to-truck transshipment. The process is carried out using modern reach stacker machinery, and after completion, the sender can check the status of their container through the E-business application. Recently, the terminal has also been in the process of obtaining permits for handling and storing containers with hazardous goods, adhering to RID and ADR regulations.

Furthermore, attendees at the first anniversary celebration of the MBOX Intermodal Terminal were introduced to future plans for expanding business activities, including the introduction of new rail services and the construction of warehouse spaces. This will establish the terminal as one of the largest in the region, offering new efficient logistics solutions for the benefit of clients.

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25. MAY 2023.

Green Logistics as Milšped's Strategic Orientation

Green logistics is a concept that involves efficiently carrying out logistics tasks without causing harm to the environment.

Green logistics is a concept that involves efficiently carrying out logistics tasks without causing harm to the environment. One of the pioneers in introducing this form of logistics is Milšped, which this year started a project to build a solar power plant on the roofs of its warehouses as part of the green transition project co-financed by the Government of Japan and implemented by UNDP Serbia. The solar panels at the logistics center in Krnješevci have a capacity of 600KW, and an annual reduction in electricity consumption from the grid is planned at around 34%. The indirect impact of reducing greenhouse gas emissions annually is 774.94 tons of CO2e.

Milšped is extremely proud of its project, which represents the only container terminal in the southern and central parts of Serbia. It is known as the MBOX Terminal Niš, a rail-road intermodal terminal located in Popovac, in the new industrial zone near Niš. Built according to the latest European standards, this terminal has the capacity to handle around 50,000 TEUs per year.

The terminal has a capacity for storing more than 2,700 containers, as well as a dedicated parking area for trucks and cars. It also features modern Reach stacker machinery for handling operations, while the NAVIS Terminal Operating System records the real-time location of each container. Over the next year, the plan includes the construction of two large warehouses, each covering an area of 15,000 m2. This will make the logistics center one of the largest in the region, undoubtedly opening up a range of new, more efficient logistics solutions.

When it comes to the implementation of robotic technology in warehouse operations, Milšped has become a pioneer in the domestic market. The robotic warehouse in Krnješevci is now operational, with the goal of better fulfilling customer requirements, which are always in focus. The automation of warehouses aims to provide solutions to challenges such as supply chain disruptions, capacity constraints, rising fuel prices, compliance with regulations, and labor shortages. Robots can work 24/7, increasing productivity and speed in fulfilling customer demands, thereby reducing labor costs and errors. Thanks to the robots, Milšped can store up to three times more goods in the same space, while improving safety and health at work. Clients can expect comprehensive market supply access, 24/7 logistics support, improved inventory visibility for online platforms, and more efficient management of reverse logistics. The automation of warehouses aligns with the principles of responsible business practices and sustainable development, confirming Milšped's status as a market leader in this field.

In the automotive logistics segment, Milšped AML, a part of the Milšped Group, has successfully met the demands of multinational companies by providing vehicle and spare parts transportation and distribution services throughout Europe, with a focus on Serbia, Slovenia, and Germany. Milšped has initiated a project to shift logistics flows from roads to railways in line with trends and client demands, considering that rail transport offers many advantages over road transport, including reducing road congestion and CO2 emissions. With a fleet of 200 wagons and specialists in organizing rail transport, Milšped provides comprehensive logistics solutions in the European market.

Milšped continuously works on improving environmental protection, social issues, and corporate governance in its business processes. The establishment of an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy project has begun, with objectives aligned with the ultimate goal of achieving improvements in these areas through continuous progress and alignment with high partner standards.

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23. MAY 2023.

Students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering visited the robotic warehouse in Krnješevci

The Milšped company pays great attention to the development of the potential of its employees, as well as to monitoring and assisting the process of education of young people in Serbia and the region.

That is why we were very pleased with the recent visit of students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Our future colleagues had the opportunity to see the application of modern technologies and innovations in the management of warehouse processes in a real business environment.

The students were welcomed and introduced to our company by representatives of the Management Team of Milšped Group. The presentation of our state-of-the-art robotic warehouse in Krnješevci was held by our colleague Ivan Živković, Manager for Process Development of the Warehouse Sector. Together with the managers of the storage process, he presented the students with the advantages of robotic technology in the management of storage processes, such as increased productivity and speed in the realization of client requests, reduced labor costs, storage of up to three times more goods in the same space, 24/7 logistic support and more many others. The future has already begun, knowledge is the fastest way to reach it.

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22. MAY 2023.

Millsped Shenzhen at the China-CEEC Expo, in the city of Ningbo

The team of “Milsped Shenzhen” participated in the third consecutive “China-CEEC Expo”, in the city of Ningbo - one of the central places in Asia when it comes to importing and exporting goods.

“Milšped Shenzhen” had the privilege to present its portfolio of services, establish contacts with existing and potential partners, and follow the latest global trends in the field of logistics.The theme of this year's fair was “Deepening pragmatic cooperation and joint work for the future” - and the event brought together decision makers, the business sector, innovators and leaders from Central and Eastern Europe in Ningbo.

“Milšped Shenzen” was established in the Aug 2018, in China and represents the first company of “Milšped Group” on the Asian market.The company is focused on providing support to our exporters, cooperation with Chinese companies operating in Serbia and the region in order to connect all 13 markets where “Milšped Group” operates, as well as the entire Chinese market. Whether you need transport options by air, rail, sea, we are company is available to offer its professional services.

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20. MAY 2023.

Milšped at the “Neptune Cargo Networks” conference

This year,“MilšpedGroup” was part of the international conference “Neptune Cargo Networks”, which took place from 17-20th of May in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

“Neptune Cargo Networks” is a forwarding network specialized in collective container transport. The event brought together maritime transport professionals and global companies that manage maritime cargo consolidation on a global scale.

The representatives of the “MilšpedGroup” had the opportunity to present a wide range of integrated services that company offers - FTL, groupage and customs brokerage, ship, air and rail transport, auto logistics, distribution, as well as high-tech solutions for the storage of goods. In addition, the conference was an opportunity for our LCL director Mladen Durić, among others, to meet our partner from India - Jiss Mathew - from Global Logistic Solution - with whom we recently startedcooperation on a joint project of shipping LCL shipments from the EU to India.

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19. MAY 2023.

MBOX Terminals, member of Milšped Group, hosted the fourth-year students of the Faculty of Transportation, majoring in logistics - our future colleagues

As part of the socially responsible business program, students visited the MBOX intermodal terminal, where they had the opportunity to get to know first-hand the most modern technologies in operational logistics operations, as well as new trends and innovations in the world of logistics. Intermodal transport is the future of logistics, and therefore we recognized the importance of introducing students to new intermodal solutions and the latest trends in logistics, while respecting all safety measures.

We are glad that the students had the opportunity to see and get to know the MBOX terminal - the most complete goods and transport center in the region, built according to the most modern European standards.

We are looking forward to the beginning of a quality cooperation and the training of new generations that are yet to come.

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16. MAY 2023.

Milšped Introduces New Companies within the Group at the International Fair “Transport and Logistics“

Milšped Group has traditionally been part of the International Fair “Transport and Logistics“ in Munich, which took place from May 9th to 12th. The fair, which traditionally brings together leading global companies in the field of transportation and logistics, mobility, supply chains, and IT sector every two years, was held in its standard format for the first time since 2019. Milšped Group once again had a representative presence.

On this occasion, Milšped Group, as a leading logistics and transportation company present on three continents and 13 different markets, participated in the fair with its member companies. All potential clients had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the full range of integrated services offered by Milšped Group, including FTL, groupage, and customs brokerage, maritime, air, and rail transport, automotive logistics, distribution, as well as high-tech solutions for warehousing. In this way, the company highlighted its diversity, demonstrating its ability to manage various processes as befits a market leader.

New companies within the Milšped Group were proudly introduced. Firstly, the newly established air cargo company, Milšped Sky Cargo, made its debut at the international fair and signed a business cooperation agreement with DNG Aviation DMCC, formalizing the partnership between the two companies. The services offered by Milšped's courier service, M-ONE, were also presented, while the company M-BOX, which operates the most advanced intermodal transport terminal in this part of Europe in an economical and environmentally sustainable manner, had a notable participation. It is important to note that this is the only terminal of its kind in the southern part of Serbia. Additionally, Milšped Gmbh, based in Germany, presented state-of-the-art car transport wagons.

In order to respond to client demands more efficiently, Milšped implemented robotic technology in warehouse management processes earlier this year, resulting in energy savings. Solar panels have also been installed on warehouse roofs with the same goal in mind.

The fundamental principle of Milšped's business is the integration of clients and employees into a productive team to continuously improve the quality and provide innovative solutions for logistics services, while practicing socially responsible business. With over 3,500 reliable, skilled, and loyal staff members and a 30-year tradition, Milšped confirms its success and leadership position in the market.

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12. MAY 2023.

The International Transport and Logistics Fair in Munich has ended

Milšped Group once again was apart of the most prestigious transport and logistics fair in Munich, which gathered around 2,300 exhibitors from more than 67 countries!

Our presentation this year broke all attendance records - our colleagues hosted over 100 partners from the industrythis year, who enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere at our stand.

Nenad Zdravković, member of the Milšped Group Supervisory board, shared that important insights about different markets and industry trends were exchanged, and new collaborations and projects initiated. The fair was an excellent opportunity for us to present our e-commerce logistics platform, fulfillment, and e-fulfillment services, but also an opportunity to exchange the latest experiences and measures to reduce CO2 emissions.

It is particularly significant for us that at this year's fair in Munich, Milšped Sky Cargo and DNG Aviation DMCC signed the Agreement on Business Cooperation. The contracts were signed by Mr. Branko Mihailović, on behalf of DNG Aviation DMCC, and Mr. Nikola Todorović, on behalf of Milsped Sky Cargo.

With this contract, partnership between the two companies is formalized, with the goal of further development ofMilsped Sky Cargo service.

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09. MAY 2023.

The biggest International Transport and Logistics Fair has started!

The biggest International Transport and Logistics Fair has started today!

Visit us at stand number 207 in hall A5 and get to know Milšped Group and representatives of its member companies!

The company will present a series of implemented high-tech innovations as well as a the complete range of integrated services in the field of logistics!

See you at the fair from May 9 to 12!

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08. MAY 2023.

Company Milšped at Adria Summit

The future of digital commerce has arrived!

The Adria Summit took place this year from May 3 to 7 at two locations, in Umag in Croatia and Portorož in Slovenia.

The participants on behalf of Milsped participants were: Nenad Zdravković, a member of the Supervisory Board of the Milšped company as a moderator, on behalf of the M-One courier service, CEO Mirko Mialdinović.

At the panel held on the topic 👉 “Logistics challenges and trends in e-commerce”, we learned more about the latest trends and innovations in logistics, reverse logistics, artificial intelligence and automation. Also, the speakers discussed the unique logistics challenges in the e-commerce sector and provided practical solutions to overcome them.

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26. APRIL 2023.

The Milšped participates in the International Transport and Logistics Fair in Munich, at the MesseMünchen Exhibition Center.

We are pleased to announce that from May 9 to May 12, 2023, Milšped will once again be a part of the great International Trade Fair for Transport and Logistics held in Munich, at the MesseMünchen Trade Fair Center.

This fair is considered a leading platform for international networking in the logistics industry, offering innovative products, systems, and technologies, as well as rich professional knowledge, and this year we can expect a top-notch conference program!

We look forward to meeting our clients and partners, as well to connecting with potential associates, exchanging experiences and plans for the future!

We invite you to visit us at our stand 2007, hall No. A5!

See you in Munich!

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20. APRIL 2023.

Milšped at the Belgrade Youth Fair

This year Milšped once again had the pleasure of participating in the region’s biggest job fair, the Belgrade Youth Fair.

At the fair, we had the opportunity to meet and speak with many ambitious and promising young people and we also had the chance to answer all the questions they had about our business and company.

In a panel discussion held on 20th April at CineplexxUšće, our managing director, NebojšaKrivokuća, presented the students with the advantages and benefits of working at Milšped, the opportunities for advancement, the culture and values of our company, and the professional internship programs for young people at the beginning of their careers. He also explained to the students what employers pay attention to in job interviews, what makes a successful interview and which kind of CV grabs the attention of employers the most.

Like every year, we speak of our participation in the Belgrade Youth Fair with great enthusiasm, and we look forward to returning next year.

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13. APRIL 2023.

Training of Trainers at the M Base Learning Centre

Milšped Company is proud to present the new generation of internal trainers, which have successfully completed the training programme “Training of Trainers” and are now ready to share their precious knowledge, experience, and skills with their colleagues.

The mission of our 24 internal trainers is to transfer the knowledge from their fields to their colleagues from other sectors in order to familiarise them with the processes and provide information about a broader vision of Milšped’s operations.

The primary goal of Milšped M Base Learning Centra and our Internal Trainers is to buildthe environment of continuous learning and personal development, understanding of the colleagues’ needs, and the processes within the operation of integrated services in the logistics chain, and to promote Milšped values that learning is a process that is never over!

We believe that investing in employees is the key to success and we are certain that our trainers will be excellent in their new role, and that this will also motivate other colleagues to join them and adopt new knowledge and skills on this road together.

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13. APRIL 2023.

Milšped company improved the educational M Base Learning Center

Milšped company improved the educational M Base Learning Center

Continually supporting our employees is one of the Milšped Group’s key values.

Every successful team is made up of satisfied individuals led by those who listen to their needs, motivate them and encourage them to achieve exceptional results through their own efforts.

With that goal in mind, we have improved our M Base Learning Center which is a unique educational center which aims to further refine the knowledge and skills of our leaders in all sorts of areas, with help from the most eminent experts and lecturers.

The topic of the first program is the overall concept of leadership based on emotional intelligence. “Transformational leadership and emotional intelligence” deals with issues such as: why it is important for a leader to understand and develop himself/herself, understand the needs of his/her associates, to inspire the team and respond creatively to market changes.

The goal of this program is to influence the advancement of skills, better understanding of one’s own qualities and support the development of the Milšped company.

We are looking forward to new training sessions and development and let’s support our employees and work on their continuous improvement.

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11. APRIL 2023.

Milšped company visited the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade

Milšped company visited the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade

This year, again, representatives from Milšped visited the hardworking students of the Faculty of Economics and Business in Belgrade whose desire to learn and their openness to new knowledge never fail to delight us!

Our colleagues VelizarPerunović, MilicaKaroljev and Aleksandra Adašević presented our company and spoke to Professor SlobodanaAćimović’s students as part of a guest lecture about the latest trends and innovations in our company that are changing traditional models of logistics operations as part of a presentation titled “Milšped in Market Trends”.

With the future leaders, we also shared news about the development of our new companies such as the cutting-edge courier service M-One, the MBOX intermodal terminal and Sky Cargo.

Since you learn best when playing and having fun, we all took a breather at the end of the lecture and played the Milšped association game with symbolic prizes for all participants which were delivered to the students by M – One couriers.

It was a great pleasure for us and we are looking forward to our next visit and time spent with the students at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Belgrade.

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05. APRIL 2023.

Milšped Slovenia at the International Logistics Congress in Slovenia

Milšped Slovenia at the International Logistics Congress in Slovenia

The 10th International Logistics Congress was held from 5th to 7th April 2023 at the Grand Hotel Bernardin in Portorož, in which Milšped Slovenia participated as a silver sponsor.

The topic of this year’s logistics congress was automation in logistics and transport.

During the event, lecturers and experts presented and demonstrated examples of good practice and trends that will be seen in logistics in the future.

Besides our company’s stand, the hotel lobby was the stage for the stands of many other companies with whom we exchanged experiences, gained new contacts and strengthened old acquaintances.

Attendance at this year’s congress reached record levels with some 480 participants.

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04. APRIL 2023.



Through its business operations and innovative technologies, Milšped is committed to continuous environmental protection as one of its key values, and in the year in which we celebrate 30 years of successful business we are even more motivated to direct our efforts towards all segments of sustainable operation.

In the last year alone, Milšped has carried out a number of projects directed towards environmental protection: an intermodal terminal in Niš, which contributes to better utilization of rail transport, a solar power plant at warehouses at the logistics center in Krnješevci, and the introduction of hi-tech automation solutions at warehouses which optimize resource utilization!

It is our great pleasure to announce our cooperation with #PwC, with whose support our internal team will work on implementing the ESG (Environmental Social Governance) strategy, with the aim ofbringing improvements, through continued advancement, in the fields of environmental protection, social issues and corporate governance in all business processes, and harmonizing these activities with the high standards of our partners. Our efforts are particularly directed at reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Milšped viewsharmonization of the ESG strategy as a sustainable business strategy with the aim of determining and implementing the expected ethical and environmental standards in our value chains.

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30. MART 2023.

Velizar Perunović participated in a panel discussion - “Waiting times at border crossings, non-tariff barriers, human capital“.

Velizar Perunović participated in a panel discussion - “Waiting times at border crossings, non-tariff barriers, human capital“.

Our colleague Velizar Perunović, Sales Director at Milšped, participated in a panel discussion last week entitled “Waiting times at border crossings, non-tariff barriers, human capital“.

The business platform WB6 - EU initiated a meeting on March 30th the main theme of which was👉“One region - one economy - progress towards a single EU market for Western Balkan companies“, and the meeting coincided with the 30th anniversary of the creation of the single EU market and three years since the implementation of the Common Regional Market Action Plan.

The most important goal of the WB6 - EU business platform is to provide continuous and structured dialogue between decision-makers in the EU and the business community of the WB6 represented by the WB6 CIF Business Council.

For more information, visit: www.wb6cif.eu

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17. MART 2023.

The management of Air, Ocean and Rail Freight visited their colleagues in our companies in the US market.

The management of Air, Ocean and Rail Freight visited their colleagues in our companies in the US market.

Last month, the management of Air, Ocean and Rail Freight, Nikola Todorovic and Milos Mihailovic visited their colleagues in our companies in the US market.

On this occasion, they spoke with Nikola Drasinover, the director of Milsped Air & Sea US, and Djordje Boskovic the director of Milsped US holding, about the business operations so far, the results achieved in the previous year, plans, and the collaboration of all business lines that Milšped develops in this strategically important market for the entire group.

Milsped Air & Sea, one of the five Group’s companies in the US market, has an NVOCC and IATA license, its own offices in Chicago and Los Angeles, and only last year, the company achieved a growth in the volume of transported goods by 73% in air and 85% in maritime transport, which represents a great incentive for further development of this company.

During the visit, Nikola Todorović emphasized: The specificities of different markets are certainly great challenges that we successfully respond to every day, but at the same time, they represent an additional value that the Milšped group provides to all its clients and partners. The development plans of MilspedAir&Sea US are related to expanding services, as well as opening new locations in the next 3 years.

We thank our colleagues for the achieved results and recognized potential for further progress.

We can certainly say that this is just the beginning!

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15. MART 2023.



Our colleagues BrankoTodorović, Director of the Customs Department, and VelizarPerunović, Director of the Sales Department at Milšped, participated in the first Customs-to-Business roundtable organized by the Expert Group for Customs Procedures of the National Trade Facilitation Body (NTFB), as part of the Global Trade Facilitation Program (GTFP).

The Expert Group for Customs Procedures was formed within the NTFB and its representatives participated in the roundtable event. This group is responsible for considering all issues and proposing initiatives relating to improving cooperation between customs authorities and the private sector.

The Customs-to-Business roundtable was an opportunity to discuss the operating challenges faced by the community with regard to customs operations.

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07. MART 2023.

Milšped Air&Sea LLC (USA) has become a proud member of the International Air Transport Association - IATA.

With are pleased to share the news that in March of this year our company Milšped Air&Sea LLC (USA) has become a proud member of the International Air Transport Association, also known by the acronym IATA..

Being a member of IATA association is a confirmation of competence and is considered a defining sign of a high quality, reliable and stable agent in the field of air transport. It introduces our company to the premium tier, opens the doors to all of the airlines on the market, and enables us to smoothly send goods to all parts of the world. This shows that our company is in line with all federal and international standards, by complying with numerous requirements before the official approval of this membership.

It is also important to note that, beside becoming the member of the IATA association, we have also become the part of the CASS (Cargo Account Settlement System), which facilitates order creation and invoice exchange with airlines, while bringing a better sense of reliability to clients and partners, but also enables doing business by the highest industry standards, while continually improving performance in general.

IATA (International Air Transport Association) is an international association of airlines which represents around 300 airlines globally, or roughly 83% of all air traffic, and which takes part in defining regulations in regard to the air traffic industry.

Our unique IATA number, by which we are now recognizable in the industry, is 01107010015.

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03. MART 2023.

Milšped has taken part in the manifestation “Dani prakse” (Days of internship)

Milšped has again taken part in “Days of internship” fair fair at the Metropol Palace hotel, organized by the Student council of the Faculty of organizational sciences, under the patronage of the Faculty of organizational sciences. At this year’s “Days of internship” fair held from February 27th until March 3rd, the goal of Milšped was to motivate, rouse and encourage students at the beginning of their chosen career journey.

Our team presented our company to the students, as well as the way of doing business and processes in all of the sectors, shared with them all the information related to the programs that the company specifically created for young future colleagues, as well as for summer practice. They have pointed out that the company offers stability, promotions and professional development, as well as the possibility to learn from the best experts in the field of logistics, and all of that in the innovative and positive environment.

Our team presented our company to the students, as well as the way of doing business and processes in all of the sectors, shared with them all the information related to the programs that the company specifically created for young future colleagues, as well as for summer practice. They have pointed out that the company offers stability, promotions and professional development, as well as the possibility to learn from the best experts in the field of logistics, and all of that in the innovative and positive environment.

Our team presented our company to the students, as well as the way of doing business and processes in all of the sectors, shared with them all the information related to the programs that the company specifically created for young future colleagues, as well as for summer practice. They have pointed out that the company offers stability, promotions and professional development, as well as the possibility to learn from the best experts in the field of logistics, and all of that in the innovative and positive environment.

At the grand opening of the fair, finance director Aleksandar Đurišić took part at the panel “Challenges of contemporary business - risks and opportunities”, and send the following message to potential colleagues: ”It is important that you have a choice, and that you choose what suits you in regard to your future career and development.”

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28. FEB 2023.

Students from the Faculty of Logistics from Slovenia visited Milšped!

Milšped had a great pleasure of hosting Slovenian students from the Faculty of Logistics from Celje - University of Maribor.

The students' visit was realized at the initiative of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences from Belgrade, with an aim of introducing them to our company, as the regional leader in the field of logistics.

On this occasion, a corporate presentation was held where all company sectors and services, as well as our regional and global network of branch-offices, were presented, with an emphasis on the branch in Slovenia. Business innovations were also presented and the students had the opportunity to visit the warehouse and learn about the basics of our business.

The vice-dean of the Faculty of Logistics from Celje (University of Maribor), Andrej Lisec, thanked Milšped for their hospitality and said:“On behalf of the Faculty of Logistics and on my own behalf, I sincerely thank you for the interesting and instructive presentation. We were impressed by the information that, in Slovenia, your company has the largest number of employees outside of Serbia. You use the state-of-the-art technology, and based on good cooperation with you so far, we believe that we will continue to cooperate successfully.”

The assistant professor from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Miloš Danilović, PhD, expressed his thanks for the cooperation and pointed out that everything was organized at the highest possible level, starting from the welcome itself to the presentation and the tour of the warehouse.

We are looking forward to all future projects and the cooperation with our Slovenian colleagues.

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28. FEB 2023.


Milšped is expanding its storage capacity - another 45,000m2 is planned!

In an interview with Bloomberg Adria, Velizar Perunović, Milšped's sales director, spoke about the importance of good relations with the EU from the economic aspect and pointed out that Europe is a “natural market“ for business in Serbia, where our largest foreign trade partners are located..

Perunović stated that the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way many companies do business, with more and more companies seeking to source their raw materials locally, which is an exceptional opportunity for Serbia.

In response to this need, Milšped is expanding its storage capacity, so that in addition to the current 500,000 m2 of storage space available to our clients, the plan is to build an additional 30,000 m2 in the vicinity of Belgrade and another 15,000 m2 in Niš.

Watch the full interview:

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22. FEB 2023.

Milšped Group a participant at the WCA conference in Singapore

This February, Milšped was one of the participants in the largest and most important WCA conference in Singapore, which welcomed over 3,000 logistics companies from more than 180 countries around the world.

Representatives from our company had meetings with over 150 logistics companies from all four corners of the world during the conference, which was an excellent chance for us to renew old business contacts and for our team to make some new contacts and discuss potential cooperation opportunities with clients.

This was also an ideal opportunity for Milšped to present its product offer and the variety of its solutions and services available to associates and clients.

The WCA Worldwide Conference in Singapore returned after a three-year break and celebrated its 25th anniversary.

OThis is one of the most productive and most attended events that encourages networking and connecting of logistics companies and also helps corporations reach new markets and raise awareness of their company.

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14. FEB 2023.


In the year when the company celebrates 30 years in business, Milšped strives to expand and improve all aspects of its services and be a leader in energy efficiency and sustainable business operations

Since we are located in a region that is extremely sensitive to climate changes, clling for the widest possible use of renewable energy sources, Milšped company, a regional leader in the field of logistics, has started a project to build a solar power plant on the roofs of its warehouses.

The installation of solar panels is carried out as part of the project “Just Green Transition and Decarbonisation in Serbia“ financed by the Government of Japan, and implemented by UNDP Serbia in cooperation with the Ministry of Mining and Energy and the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia.

„By building a solar power plant, we want to set an example for others, to contribute to the green transition of Serbia, but also to reduce electricity consumption, thereby improving the state of environmental protection in our community. We are pleased to have become a part of such an important investment project and to be among the first companies in Serbia that started the green transformation and transition to renewable energy sources“, said Nebojša Krivokuća, Milšped’s new managing director.

The solar panels placed on the roofs of the warehouses will produce electricity that will be used, among other things, to power the battery chargers used by various means of internal transport.

The solar power plant on the roofs of the warehouse in Krnješevci has a power of 600KW, and the annual reduction of electricity consumption from the network is planned to be around 34%. The indirect impact of reducing greenhouse gas emissions on an annual basis is 774.94 tons of CO2e.

The project of building a solar power plant is also supported by Raiffeisen Bank of Serbia.

Milšped group celebrates 30 years of successful business this year with over 3,500 employees in over 13 countries and on 3 continents.

The year was also marked by the start of operations of the Intermodal Terminal in Niš on the route of corridor 10, spreading over 4 ha, the installation of a solar power plant on the rooftops of the logistics center in Krnješevci, where Milšped begins the construction of a new 30,000m2 warehouse space, the launch of an air cargo company, the introduction of robotics in storage processes, and the plan is to build another 15,000 m2 of storage space in Niš, as well as numerous other significant investments.

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10. FEB 2023.


The investment worth 3.5 million euros includes AML House and an outdoor warehouse built according to the most modern standards available to car manufacturers

Milšped, a regional leader in the field of logistics, started the year with the realization of one of the important investments that will significantly improve services to all clients in the automotive industry sector.

The newly built AML House, a business and service center in Krnješevci, occupies a total area of 2,880 m2, and the outdoor car warehouse covers 5.5 ha and can accommodate 3,500 vehicles.

As the automotive industry is one of the most dynamic industries characterized by constant innovation, as well as the highest standards in all production processes, AML House offers car manufacturers all the necessary logistics services in one place, to significantly improve their operations.

„In the year when our company marks 30 years of successful business with over 3,500 employees in over 13 countries and on 3 continents, we strive to strengthen our position with a professional approach to clients, as well as with a responsible attitude towards work, and constant improvement of our services. AML House is the best proof of this commitment“, says Milšped’s new managing director, Nebojša Krivokuća.

Within AML House, all processes are located in one place, and clients have at their disposal: a service center, a passenger car wash station equipped with the most modern systems for both manual and automatic car washing, and an administrative area.

The outdoor car warehouse was built in compliance with the highest requirements of the modern car industry, equipped with an anti-hail net, provided with the most state-of-the-art technical security, as well as a car protection system against birds, insects, and rodents. In accordance with new trends in the auto industry, the warehouse is also equipped with 20 fast electric chargers for EVs.

The location and capacity of this business-storage center gives Milšped's partners the opportunity to cover not only the Serbian market, but also Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania and Bulgaria.

Investing in AML House and an outdoor warehouse is just one in a series of investments that the company is making in the year of the jubilee.

The year was also marked by the start of operations of the Intermodal Terminal in Niš on the route of corridor 10, which spreads over 4 ha, the installation of a solar power plant on the rooftops of the logistics center in Krnješevci, where the construction of a new 30,000m2 warehouse space begins, the launch of an air cargo company, the introduction of robotics in storage processes, and the plan is to build another 15,000 m2 of storage space in Niš, as well as numerous other significant investments.

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10. FEB 2023.

Milšped at the Fruit Logistica trade show in Berlin

This February, representatives from Milšped attended the Fruit Logistica trade show, the world’s leading exhibition of fresh fruit and vegetable producers held every year in Berlin.

Following a one-year hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s trade show welcomed over 78,000 visitors from more than 132 countries and provided visitors with a complete picture of the latest innovations, products and services in the international supply chain.

Operating in line with HACCP system principles and good practice guidelines, Milšped guarantees its clients food product safety during transport, storage and distribution, and we know that the quality of logistical support is crucially important for fresh produce and their transportation to end consumers.

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9. FEB 2023.

Nebojša Krivokuća, Milšped Group Director speaks to Nedeljnik

30 years on the road around the world

How did we grow from a small customs agency to a group with more than 3,500 employees and companies in more than 13 countries on 3 continents over the past 30 years?

Nebojša Krivokuća, the Director of our company, spoke to the Nedeljnik weekly news magazine about the further development plans for Milšped and the results achieved by the company.

“2022 saw the intermodal terminal in Niš on the Corridor 10 route commence operations. We also founded an air cargo company and obtained an AOC license for air transport. We implemented a new CRM and invested in a solar power plant on the roof our logistics center.

Last year was rounded off with the completion of construction of the unique AML House – Autologistics Center. Company revenues exceeded half a billion euros and the number of employees increased by 11.6%. Our plan for 2023 is to expand our storage facilities and introduce automation with a view to further capturing the market, expanding and modernizing our services”
,Krivokuća emphasized for Nedeljnik.

He added that in this jubilee year, construction started on a new 30,000 m2 modern storage facility within the logistics center in Krnješevci, and the construction of a further 15,000 m2 is planned in Niš. He also said that our colleagues would soon be joined by up to 23 robots which will fully automate the storage facility.

We are also expecting the completion of the implementation of new transport manager software which will significantly improve the quality of our service.

Read the full interview at the link:


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28. JAN 2023.


Mišped Company, the regional leader in the field of transport and logistics, as a platinum sponsor of this year's Hot Spot eCommerce Awards 2022, had the honor of according “The best eCommerce starter on the Serbian market“ for new leaders in the field of eCommerce. The award was given to the company LPP Serbia.

Nenad Zdravković, a member of the Supervisory Board of Milšped Group, presented the award on behalf of Milšped Group, and Stevan Miljković, manager, received the award on behalf of LPP Serbia.

“I am extremely glad that LPP company is the winner of the prestigious award. We are aware of the fact that today online shopping is an imperative, and we strategically decided that it is time to launch an online store for all five brands in Serbia. For fans of famous brands Reserved, Cropp, House, Mohito and Sinsay, their favorite fashion pieces are now available quickly and easily with just a few clicks. In this way, through the introduction of online sales, we want to contribute to an even better user experience of our customers and to the strengthening of the eCommerce community in Serbia,“ pointed out Stevan Miljković, LPP’s country manager.

LLPP is a multinational company that successfully operates through well-known brands such as RESERVED, Cropp, House, MOHITO and Sinsay. Founded in 1991, in the city of Gdansk, Poland, it is now one of the global leaders in the field of fashion industry and textiles. Since 2017, the company has been doing business in Serbia with over 60 stores across the country and over 700 employees.

During the award ceremony, Nenad Zdravković emphasized the importance of developing eCommerce services and explained how they improve the quality of service to Milšped's clients:

“The digital age opens limitless possibilities. We live in a world of innovation and constant progress in all spheres. Our mission is to provide clients and customers with fast and efficient service that is an indispensable part of the digital ecosystem. In the modern world of eCommerce business, networking is very important, which is why we decided to network the logistics market in the Balkans with an automated and smart storage and retrieval system that meets desired orders 24/7. We want to ensure simple and reliable delivery of parcels throughout the Balkans, and thus facilitate the eCommerce businesses of our clients.

We are pleased that this year's award “The best eCommerce starter on the Serbian market” goes to the company LPP, which in the past year distinguished itself by significantly improving eCommerce services, and I wish them to continue to be one of the leaders in this line of business,”
concluded Zdravković and thanked the eCommerce Association of Serbia for organizing and founding the Hot Spot eCommerce Awards.

Milšped Group celebrates 30 years of business this year and is proud of the fact that the company currently employs over 3,500 people in 13 countries around the world (from the Balkans, through Western Europe, China and America to Russia).

The spectrum of services that the Company offers to clients includes all types of domestic and international transport services, air, ship and rail transport, car - motorcycle logistics, customs brokerage, distribution and storage of goods, and over 500,000 m2 of available storage space.

Part of the Milšped family is also the company M-One, which provides courier services in Serbia with the possibility of distributing courier shipments from Belgrade to the countries of the region, with all the benefits of using our other services and services that precede the actual delivery..

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19. APR 2021.

Milšped oversized transport

If you need to transport goods with dimensions and weight that exceed the standard, you should contact Milšped because we can provide expert support for the transport itself and obtain all the necessary permits so the whole process goes smoothly and according to plan.


We have had this service in our wide palette of services for many years, and as of now we also have new semi-trailers which provide even greater opportunities and a top-quality service.


Our oversized transport sector will come up with the most favorable solution, even for the most demanding clients. We will transport large dimensions safely, reliably and with high level of quality to Serbia from any part of Europe, and we also do transports from Serbia to Europe.


The Milšped team can also organize the transport of the most demanding oversized cargo, for which, in addition to oversized permits, expertise (expert opinions) as well as technical and police escortsare required..


If you want to learn more, visit http://milsped.rs/vangabaritni-transport/

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12. JAN 2021.



Never faster!


When being fast is important, we have a solution. 

On the new cargo charter flight from China, Milšped Group has its regular lines, providing services to clients in the Balkans, Eastern and Central Europe with very short transit times. Namely, planes fly from Changsha twice a week to Belgrade, allowing your business a larger number of smaller shipments and exceptional flexibility.

Milšped China will deliver goods from any part of China to Changsha Airport, complete customs formalities in China, and then ship your goods to the desired destination by direct air transport from China to Belgrade. Milšped will help your goods arrive at any destination in Europe and perform other logistics services at your request, or at the request of the recipient/importer.

For more information, contact our local Milšped Airlines offices via the following email addresses: carter.srb@milsped.com, carter.slo@milsped.com, carter.cro@milsped.com, carter.bih@milsped.com.

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11. AUG 2020.

Milšped Group helps in implementing ENSURESEC

Milsped Group is now a member of the consortium made up of the leading European research and business entities that together implement the ENSURESEC project. It’s been financed by European Commission through HORIZON2020, which is the biggest EU project for research and innovation.

ENSURESEC is a sociotechnical solution for safeguarding the Digital Single Market’s e-commerce operations against cyber and physical threats. It combines an automatic and open-source toolkit for protecting e-commerce, with monitoring a the impact of threats in physical space and a campaign for training SMEs and citizens aimed at creating awareness and trust. ENSURESEC addresses the whole gamut of modern e-commerce, from standard physical products purchased online and delivered via post, to entirely virtual products or services delivered online. It addresses threats ranging from maliciously modifying web e-commerce applications or rendering them unavailable to legitimate customers, to delivery issues or fraud committed by insiders or customers.

Milsped plays a particularly important role in the project implementation with its own logistic infrastructure made available for providing an end-to-end logistic support to the e-commerce supply chain. We are particularly proud of the fact that Milsped is the only company from Serbia that has taken part in the implementation and evaluation of such a significant project, as well as of the fact that we are the only member company whose headquarters are not located in the EU. 

You can read more about the project at: http://www.ensuresec.eu/#the-project

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29. JUL 2020.

Cooperation with French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce

We are glad to announce that we have become a member of the French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce. The number of CCIFS member companies is now over 130 including some of the biggest French companies, as well as numerous domestic and foreign companies. We have recently joined this large network and we are looking forward to establishing new contacts and upgrading our businesses through collaborative partnership.
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25. DEC 2019.

Operational Excellence award

At the ALE CONVENTION 2019 annual conference, Renault Nissan Mitsubishi awarded Milsped AML for its OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE in the domain of OUTBOUND Logistics. As proven by this prestigious recognition, Milsped AML has reached a high level of service quality in a very short period of time. The award is also the result of the software solution we developed specifically for this project. Regardless of many aggravating circumstances we face on a daily basis, we have been very successful with our Key Performance Indicators – we deliver vehicles in 7 countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo and Republic of North Macedonia), we pick up vehicles on 3 locations in Slovenia, perform Customs brokerage in 5 out of 7 countries and deliver vehicles to 115 car dealers. It is important to highlight that, on a yearly basis, we transport, do customs clearance, provide storage and, when necessary, do repairs for 25,000 vehicles. ADRIA distribution is our first direct contract with Renault Nissan Mitsubishi in the field of finished products and a major step towards building mutual trust. With this award, the relationship between the two companies has been significantly strengthened and we believe this will result in greater cooperation and a long-term strategic partnership.
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JUN 6 2019.

Milšped in the International Fair of Logistics and Transportation

Keeping abreast with the global logistic representatives, Milsped Group took part in the world’s leading trade fair in 2019. The 4-day event gathered 70,000 experts around the same idea of having an interconnected world. We are glad our booth was a meeting point where our clients, associates and friends could enjoy themselves, exchange ideas and establish long-term business relationships.
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MAY 24 2019.

New warehouse Slovenia - Logatec

In order to support growth and development of its regular warehousing clients, Milšped has opened another warehousing location (customs and commercial warehouse) in Logatec industrial zone. The warehouse has an excellent logistic location in the first industrial zone next to Koper-Ljubljana Highway and towards Austria or the Balkans. The warehouse currently has the area of 5,000 m2 and can be expanded in the future.
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