Milšped US, LLC (Indiana, USA) is the latest branch office in our network, established in January 2019. It focuses on domestic transportation, while Milšped Air & Sea and Milšped Transport Brokerage, to be activated by the end of the year, are set to engage in brokerage activities relating to air, sea, and road transportation.

The company was established as a holding company Milsped US LLC, with the business seat in the state of Indiana, and there are 4 independent entities operating within it:

  • Milsped Freight LLC (Motor Carrier – providing FTL/LTL road transportation services)
  • Milsped Equipment LLC
  • Milsped Air&Sea LLC (mediation in air and sea transportation services)
  • Milsped Transport Brokerage LLC (mediation in road transportation services)


Our operations began on 22nd January 2019 and currently they are performed through 2 companies, Milsped Freight LLC and Milsped Equipment LLC.


We provide the service of the road transportation of goods with our own trucks and the trucks operation on our behalf under our MC (Motor Carrier) number.


We transport goods which do not require a temperature-controlled regime, using Dry Van semi-trailers.


Currently we have 8 vehicles (4 Milsped and 4 Owner Operator), with the tendency of constantly increasing the number of vehicles in the fleet.


Apart from the Indiana business seat, we also have an office in Mount Prospect, Illinois (near Chicago), where we conduct operational activities in the area of safety regulations, recruiting i training of drivers, as well as administrative jobs.


Contact and address 

Milsped US, LLC

Address: 5209 Hohman Ave, Suite 119, Hammond, IN 46320

Tel: (224)877-8787

Fax: (224)877-8788

E-mail: freight.us@milsped.com


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