International road transportation

Milšped – your reliable partner in road transportation.

International Transportation Sector in Milšped is one of the strongest links in the chain of service provision to clients. With our own next-generation fleet and a large number of reliable subcontractors, we are ready to meet all the clients’ requirements. The Sector itself has 60 young people working day to day to solve clients’ demands and monitor current shipments. The combination of youth and experience represents the grounds for the company’s progress, as well as constant HR improvements so that Milšped can keep up with the most successful European companies in this field. Over 5000 shipments transported on a monthly basis are a serious indicator of the scope of business this Sector deals with, along with monitoring work quality and regular communication with clients. In accordance with the development trend, international transportation service is divided into two distinct subgroups:

  • FTL / LTL loadings
  • Groupage

FTL / LTL loadings

FTL (Full Truck Load) organization covers a large number of available trucks on a daily basis. We observe the development of national companies which have a serious annual number of export as well as import tours and try harder every year to use our good quality service to make a serious fulcrum in their future plans. The fleet at our disposal is equipped with GPS devices, which enables shipment monitoring in real time and provides clients with additional confidence during the very fulfillment of their requirements.

LTL (Less than full truck) organization is a service which enables our clients to avoid hiring a single truck and to have more favorable prices, the same service quality and their goods at the agreed time. The execution of these loadings is organized with the existing FTL fleet, so that the solutions you are offered are surely competitive.


When it got insight into the last decade development trends regarding the transportation of consolidated freight service, Milšped company started a serious cooperation with the leading European companies. This cooperation advanced more and more every year, only to enable takeover of groupage shipments from any location in Europe, as well as transportation to these locations. The guarantee of quality which, beside low transportation costs, vouches for fixed truck departures and arrivals surely is the future of this business and true challenges are yet ahead. With clearly defined price list and defined vehicle departures, we provide clients with confidence with regards to the fulfillment of requirements. You may view the partner map and defined departures of groupage routes here.