Internal transportation

Reliable and economical solutions adjusted to your requirements

We are able to offer you transportation services of full semi-trailer truck loadings or partial loadings from any place to any destination in Serbia with quite favorable prices, because Milšped company cooperates with renowned companies and has a developed transportation network. Addition of transportation demands is our imperative based on which our clients make benefits.

We use latest technologies for the organization and control of transport implementation (GPS, Route planning, Transport Manager, Track and Trace), so as to be able to offer our clients services by observing the highest standards of implementation of KPI service.

Transportation performance indicators which are permanently monitored and the services we provide are listed as follows:

  • time of vehicle positioning for loading,
  • time of vehicle transportation route start,
  • transportation time,
  • time of vehicle positioning at the unloading site,
  • securing freight against damages in transportation,
  • securing goods in transportation,
  • monitoring (GPS, Track and Trace),
  • call center,
  • reverse flow of transportation documents,
  • reverse flow of goods and packaging,
  • regular reporting,
  • information on shipment status in real time,
  • securing vehicles in accordance with defined special requirements regarding temperature regime, type of loading space, load-bearing capacity, volume, etc.