Groupage routes

Basic information on groupage routes

Work with consolidated shipments within Milšped Group is organized through the European and Balkan network. Through the European network there are three main HUBS for shipment receipt from the EU: Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade. Further distribution of consolidated shipments to end receivers in the territory of the Western Balkans is made from these three HUBS through the regional HUBS, i.e. the Balkan network: Sarajevo, Podgorica and Tirana.

Groupage routes in the territory of EX –YU 

(Balkan network):

HUB Ljubljana: Through HUB Ljubljana there is a distribution of consolidated shipments in Slovenia, as well as transshipment of consolidated shipments towards Bosnia & Herzegovina (2 times a week towards Sarajevo), Croatia (every business day towards Zagreb) and Serbia (every business day towards Belgrade), whence they are shipped towards the rest of the Balkans (Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania).

HUB Zagreb: Through HUB Zagreb the distribution of consolidated shipments in Croatia is organized, as well as transshipment of consolidated shipments towards Bosnia & Herzegovina (3 times a week towards Sarajevo). Zagreb is connected with HUB Ljubljana on a daily basis. The daily route towards Ljubljana is also used for shipments towards Belgrade (also on a daily basis) or three times a week by means of the direct route Zagreb – Belgrade.

HUB Belgrade: Through HUB Belgrade shipment distribution is organized in Serbia as well as transshipment towards Podgorica and Skopje (4 times a week), Sarajevo (2 times a week), Pristina (2 times a week) and Tirana (2 times a week – through Podgorica terminal).

The above transportation times apply only if the shipments notices are sent minimum 1 business day (24 h) before the planned loading, export clearance is made at dispatch terminals and the accompanying documentation is complete and regular. Time of delivery to clients is 24 h upon completed customs procedure.

EU groupage routes (European network):

HUB Ljubljana: As per regular schedule, groupage routes which end in Ljubljana start in Germany (three times a week), Italy (twice a week) and Spain and Britain (once a week). Due to specific location of Ljubljana, this HUB is used as a transit hub for consolidated shipments towards the rest of the Balkans, i.e. the shipments from Spain and Britain are transshipped (towards the rest of EX-YU countries), as well as from Italy (towards Croatia).

HUB Zagreb: On a regular weekly basis, groupage routes end in Zagreb and start in Germany (twice a week) and Benelux (twice a week). From the remaining EU countries shipments arrive at Zagreb through HUB Ljubljana.

HUB Belgrade: On a regular weekly basis, shipments arrive at Belgrade from Germany (three times a week), Italy (twice a week), Benelux (twice a week), as well as Britain, Poland and Turkey (once a week). Shipments from Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland arrive at Belgrade through Budapest HUB on a daily basis. Shipments from Scandinavia arrive at Belgrade on regular basis twice a week through Malmö HUB.

Collection of shipments to the terminals – in accordance with agreed terms with foreign partners. For the collecting shipments, minimum 36 to 72 business hour (1.5 to 3 business day) notice must be sent before the planned takeover (depending on the country and region of collection).

HUB locations