Air transportation

Reliable and economical solutions adjusted to your requirements

Within its integrated solutions, Milšped offers reliable and complete services of air transportation of your shipments.

Through our densely bifurcated network of agents, we are present at all the commercial airports in more than 150 countries throughout the world. By observing all the requirements of our clients regarding delivery, routing, handling requirements and costs, our professional staff will provide the best quality service in air transportation.

Whether it is about an urgent or regular shipment, we will organize takeover, transportation and delivery of you goods door-to-door as soon as possible. We can transport your urgent shipments between any two locations in the world at reasonable prices as soon as possible. On the other hand, if your shipments are not urgent, we will offer you an integrated transportation solution at quite competitive prices and with high level service quality.

For the shipments which require special attention in handIing, storage and transportation, we offer the following appropriate services:

  • Transportation of perishable products- Products which must be transported in controlled temperature regime all the way. As an addition to this service, we offer the service of packing your shipments;
  • Transportation of hazardous substances- Our certified and well-trained staff with long-term experience in working with dangerous goods will provide door-to-door service, with safe handling, storage and air transportation by passenger or cargo aircraft, depending on the requirements;
  • Transportation of VAL shipments – With the most rigorous safety measures and guaranteed discretion, we will make sure that your valuables are in safe hands in all transportation segments, regardless of their size or value;
  • Transportation of oversized freight – We find transportation solutions for your shipments of non-standard dimensions or very large weights as soon as possible;
  • Transportation of Express shipments;
  • Charter service (organization of charter flights);
  • Courier –on- board.