Milšped Croatia

Milšped Croatia

Milšped Croatia started operating in 2013. It provides services to clients who entrusted the entire regional logistics to Milšped Group. Current and future clients have at their disposal all the required logistic services which are provided in accordance with the highest international standards in this Group member as well as the whole Milšped system. The business of Milšped Croatia mainly consists of international road transportation, as well as storage, distribution and ship transportation services.

A covered warehouse of 13,000 m2 is available. There is an office for maritime transport in Rijeka, as well as a customs clearance office in Jankomir.

Milšped Croatia

Milšped Croatia
Milšped doo
Registered office: Gospodarska 2c, 10431 Sveta Nedelja, Hrvatska
Business address:

Gospodarska 2c, 10431 Sveta Nedelja, Hrvatska,

Andrije Kačića Miošića b.b, 51000 Rijeka
Tel. +385 1 644 90 33