Although many manufacturers and distributors keep executing deliveries at their own expense, the global trend of FMCG industry is the logistic outsourcing, which means that FMCG companies transfer the liability of physical distribution implementation to logistic providers, thus making the supply chain area a reservoir of savings.

Milšped distributes your goods from the factory to the store, and that is not all there is. We are familiar with the industry and understand what is important.

Efficient distribution to the sales facilities is critical to manufacturers and distributors and the availability of goods on the store shelves makes the essence of the business.

Besides this, FMCG industry is also characterized by the pricing pressure which „devours“ the sales margin.

When you add competition to that, as well as shorter shelf life of products, growing complex demands of retailers and end consumers, you will acknowledge the challenge of the entire FMCG industry.

Milšped has an abundant experience in various FMCG areas, from food and beverages, to cosmetics, household chemicals, to footwear and textile.

Our power lies in the developed distribution network of more than 20,000 delivery sites in Serbia, with the delivery dates of 24/48h, flexibility and highly professional team.

High level of the service we provide to our clients sets the standards on the FMCG market in the entire region.

Besides basic services (storage and transportation), we offer our FMCG clients a wide spectrum of additional logistic services such as:

Also, our professional team provides the additional services of:

  • Logistic consulting
  • Assistance in planning and creation of the sales distribution network
  • Reporting on all the aspects of goods movements and attributes

All the above mentioned is supported by modern logistic software tools (WMS, TMS, DMS) by means of developed EDI interfaces with clients.

By using Milšped as a logistic service provider, FMCG companies focus on their basic scope of activity, prepared to promptly adjust to the new market circumstances and growing demands of clients, cause the reduction of total operating costs and increase their own profit.

Improved forecasts, shorter delivery dates, reduction of costs related to goods loss or wreckage, reduced time required for administrative work and reduced number of complaints are only some of the leverages our clients use to achieve competitive advantage.