Milšped Group is a leading logistic system in the region which consists of nine legal persons:

Milšped has made business successfully for 21 years now and has over 1000 employees. Strategic orientation of the company is founded in high values of corporate culture, respect for partnerships with clients, application of advanced technologies, as well as socially responsible business.

Owing to the modern manner of operation and work organization, brave ideas and the skill of adjusting to the market, Milšped built a unique market performance which unifies the following services:

  • “Milšped” Belgrade is the parent company of the group which has done business in the Serbian market since 1993. By using its capacities, work technology and quality, Milšped is nowadays capable of meeting all the requirements of the modern market and providing complete logistic service.
  • “Milšped AML” Belgrade is part of the group whose potential is directed towards the creation of logistic solutions intended for automotive industry. Long-term dedication to this logistic segment, as well as successful fulfillment of requirements of multinational companies in this field, provided Milšped with comparative advantage on the market and prevalence in the provision of services related to automotive logistics.
  • “Milšped Mercurio” Belgrade represents a joint venture of Milšped and Mercurio – the greatest transporter of cars in Italy. The business of these two companies is directed towards the implementation of the logistic project for the company „Fiat Automobili Srbija“.
  • “Milšped Montenegro” Podgorica does business in the in the Montenegrin market and provides complete logistic service. The employees’ expertise in the implementation of customs and storage services, availability of storage space, as well as its own transportation fleet make Milšped Montenegro an important link in the provision of services of Milšped Group.
  • “Milšped Croatia” Zagreb provides services to the clients who entrusted the Milšped system with the entire regional logistics. All the required logistic services provided according to the highest international standards in both this company and the whole Milšped system are available to the current and future clients.
  • Milšped Slovenia facilitates the business performance of Milšped Group related to the EU countries. International road transportation is the most prevalent. Closed storage space of 2000 m2 is available there. The fleet is equipped with the latest means of transportation enabling optimal usability for FTL and LTL.
  • Milšped Albania is a JV company of Milšped Group and Balfin Group which jointly operate on the Albanian market in the area of logistic services. The company started operating in March 2014. In doing business, it from the very start applies high standards in all segments and is guided by the finest examples of Milšped Group practice.
  • Milšped BH d.o.o. provides logistic and integrated services, out of which customs and distribution services are the most prevalent. It offers its current and future clients reliable services, professional approach and, owing to the experience and successful response to the complex requirements of corporate clients on the regional level, the possibility of adjusting to the concrete requirements in the area of logistics.
  • Milšped Russia was founded on December 8, 2014 and started operating on March 1, 2015. Currently, there are 5 permanent employees in Russia, and the company provides various logistic services.
  • Milšped Germany Milšped Group is expanding its business on the European market by opening a firm in Germany. This move made by the regional leader in logistics is a clear indicator that the Group is determined to realize its 2016 target – namely, initiating business on the German market, where it will apply innovativeness, expertise, and the experience acquired during its 22 years of operating in transportation and logistics.