About Milšped

Milšped Group is a leading logistic system in the region which consists of nine legal persons.


Milšped Group started operating more than 30 years ago, and today it is a market leader in the field of transport and logistics, operating in 15 countries and on 3 continents. Providing its integrated services of domestic and international transport and distribution, warehousing, customs clearance, member companies AML, MBOX Terminals, SKY CARGO and M-One, specializing in automotive and e-comm logistics services, as well as intermodal and avio transportation, operate within the group today. The group stands out for its global presence and network of renowned partners gained through many years of experience and logistics expertise. In a challenging industry such as the logistics sector, only a business that consistently respects values such as persistence, responsibility, commitment and speed is sustainable. Our long-standing commitment to quality has resulted in long-term partnerships with many renowned clients around the world. Our business vision is reflected in constant investment in digitization, infrastructure capacities, sustainable business and employee training.


Global logistics provider recognized for top-notch solutions and services.


We create new, better, and sustainable logistics solutions for clients with whom we build long-term partnerships.

Our values

Safe Step

Client Centricity

: We build strong connections and long-term relationships with clients.

Step More


: We recognize both opportunities and challenges by consistently reacting promptly.

Step Forward


: We create a culture of continuous improvement through creative solutions.

Step Further


: We are committed to sustainable development, rational use of resources and the green agenda.

Step Together


: Dedication to the team and commitment to people ensures the most desirable work environment.

Our History

Our story began in Belgrade more than 30 years ago, and today there are over 3,500 employees in our system, delivering responsible, top-quality services to meet the clients’ needs and constantly innovating the processes within the logistics chain that connects all corners of the world.

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Numbers & Facts

We are connecting and simplifying supply chains.

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Certificates & memberships

Quality in all segments of business operations is one of the basic elements of the Milšped Group strategy and a reflection of a well-established, maintained and constantly improved quality management system.

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